for eljay, Exocraft

I went to this website the other day,

and it said the Eljay might be working on Exocraft, when Biocraft ended.

So, What happened to that?

Never heard of that and I assume it is a rumor. But I don’t know.

A few things happened.

BioCraft only recently got finished, though in a much different context. So any plans for ExoCraft were tied to the original project and as such petered out with it.

In addition, the project was heavily desired by the head of that wiki, Joev. I have not had a good history working with Joev (I found him difficult to work with and have no desire to work on any project with him again) and we have not spoken in several years. I have no interest in restarting any projects with him ever again, regardless of if he feels differently.


Okay that’s cool. Just curious.