For Eljay's Toa Hagah review

So I was watching Eljay's review on the Toa Metru and he said that he couldn't find a fix for the gear function problem, however, I found out a way not too long ago after I got Toa Iruini, and thought since Eljay will be reviewing the Hagah who have the same body builds, it would be a good time to share it.

It is actually the same as the fix for the Mata gear function, except it uses the larger gear that can be found on the backs of the Toa Mata.

This won't work for the Toa Metru, but it will if you move the axle in their torsos one hole down.

Now you can high-five Hewkii like never before!:

Hope this helped, can't wait until the Toa Hagah review!


I-I'm not sure why I never thought of this..


I't so simple it's amazing, isn't it? I came up with it after watching Eljay's Toa Mata and Nuva reviews.

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Funny that when I was randomly trying stuff out on the metru torso I found this out and was like: Mother of god...I have to let eljay know! Oh..Axonn126 beat me to it. Oh well good that some one else found it out. smile
Edit: to make it look more consistent maybe change the positions of the gears(big gear on top and little gear low).


Heh. I figured this out on my own three months ago.

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Beat you all too it. Figured it out when I got my first Metru back in 07 or so.


HAHAHAHAHAH... I found out... IN 2004!!1!1!!1one!!!11! (While experimenting with a friend's Bonklez)