For Honor

So it doesn’t seem that there’s a topic for this yet, and I do love the story of it.
What experiences have you had playing the game? What do you think of the story and concepts?
And of course, which do you choose. Knights, Vikings, or Samurai?


I find the concept rather interesting, but rather impossible in real life due to the depicted classes never encountering such a scenario where all 3 would be fighting each other.

By that point if one side was stronger, the other two would have to adapt and change, and then they wouldnt be the same as depicted in the games.

Its just a fun little thing, I dont really take it too seriously.

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So which side would you prefer? Personally I like the Knights the best.

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For me in this case it would not be which is stronger, but which looks cooler to me (and which are fun for me to play). And I have a hard time picking ether Knight or Samurai, cause I like their appearances for very different reasons.

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Sadly, I’m too young to play this game, although it looks fun.
If I could play FH, I’d probably pick Knights.

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samurai have many honor

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Yeah, these would never be in any situation where they can fight each other. I think the only real encounter would possibly be knights and vikings, and I still doubt that…

But Samurai is best.

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For Honor.

More like

Get it? 'cause Viking, Knight and Samurai.

I’d really like to play the darn game ;_;


It looks like fun, but not something I’m dying to play so badly that I’ll be buying it anytime soon. And that’s not even taking into account the connectivity issues, price, and levels of community salt higher than an argument over G3 elements.

As for what side I would choose, knight will most definitely be my first choice, but I wouldn’t mind trying out a little of Samurai as well.


Played the beta, and you know, Raider is Baeder…

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Which faction is the raider in?

Viking McVikingAxeMan

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I saw this while looking through steam. Maybe I’ll nab it if it goes on sale.

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As a person who takes AP World History, I’d prefer to pick Mongols…

That being said, since that isn’t an option, I think I’ll go with either Vikings or Knights- Depends on the success they had in military combat, the territories they conquered, and how their armor, weapons, tactics, etc., would encounter each other.

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I had a lot of fun with this title, and ended up mainly playing Warden. Got sidetracked with writing, Revelation Online and LoL with friends, but the game is fun and I had a good time playing it. Had like a 66% winrate in Dominion and a 100% winrate in duel, lol.

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the critically acclaimed sequel to 3honor known as for honor has no servers

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