Forest Scout

I enjoyed this mech quite a bit when I was younger. It was a neat mech, although it lacked articulation and the joints might’ve been a but fragile. Anyways, I’ve had the solid parts of the mech, which consist of everything but the feet and hands, floating around in a box somewhere. I decided to fish them out, and revamp it.



Just a bit shorter than my other mechs…

Jungle Scout and Tree…

Comments? Critiques?



A LEGO mech made of wood.

This is new.


I really like the stubby look it has and the rhombus it has in the center
Nice moc


Yee. Thanks!

It’s not obvious due to the pictures, but inside the rhombus there’s trans orange. Thanks!

I half expected Mixel eyes. I like this anyway. Great moc.

This is hilarious and great! Fantastic work!

This thing is so cool. I can see this as a Nexo Knights set if the colors were blue and orange.

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it’s good, btw


Nah, not this time. Thanks!


Possibly, maybe with some different shapes. Thanks!

Heh. Thanks!

Also, took a couple better picture. And I just realized how dusty this was.


The changes you did make really work in the MOCs favor. I think the log-like cannon fits better conceptually than those silver claws it had before. Reworking and rearranging some of the joints definitely gives it less of a stiff appearance and greater expression. It’s unfortunate that the small bit of plumage on its shoulder wasn’t retained, a detail of the original I liked. Other than that, this is solid.

This could be LEGO:

#Tree Force!

Thanks! Yeah, I could probably add a bit more decor to the shoulders and such.


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