Fornax, Creature of the Forge

Fornax, Creature of the Forge Ladies and gentlemen:

Pardon the watermarks. I posted this to Tumblr first and I didn’t feel like opening up Photoshop to save some versions without the watermarks. They are not intended to advertise or promote anything; they are there as anti-theft methods.

Description time:

A seventh member of the elemental creatures of Okoto. Fornax is believed to be the original candidate for the envoy of fire. But legend says his love for excavation, finding ores, and forging simplistic creations made him unsuitable for the position. Fornax embodies vigor and the drive to discover new things. Those who unite with this creature are imbued with great persistence and will never give up, no matter how bleak the situation is.

So I built this MOC with the idea that I was going to build a uniter version of my self-moc: Will-ron, Master of Iron. It didn’t work out, but the creature I made did, so I kept him together. And I have to say, I love how he turned out. And yes, I did take inspiration from other elemental creatures

Fornax element-wise is a little weird. It’s kind like a mix of fire and iron.

Also you can check this out on Tumblr if you want: It did surprisingly well over there.

Also, from the tumblr post:

  • if the info I made for Fornax contradicts the 2016 story line, I will adjust it accordingly.
  • And yes, I know Fornax sounds somewhat similar to Terak. To be fair, Ikir is somewhat similar to Melum.

Tell me what you guys think.


You don’t want to name somethin Fornax. Just don’t. Change it. Seriously. Don’t make me spell it out for you.

MOC is good though.

Now i have to make something named Fornax thanks.
Great creature build. I really like the colors of this guy. but he doesn’t really seem like much of a creature to me as he does a goblin. I don’t know why but I see a fire goblin when I look at this guy.

Great MOC.



Making him silver and gunmetal would work better than gold and gunmetal. It clashes. Other than that, it’s more or less a standard fare thingareenie. Nothing really special, although it would be nice to say what he’s based on. Is he a bear?..


those fists

they’re kinda funny for whatever reason

other than that it looks pretty good

It’s cute! Mini Kulta if you will hue.

It’s Latin for furnace. I think it’s really clever.


I don’t see Hau though (hue) if anything Melum is similar to terak and similar to malum in name, and Fornax doesn’t sound anything like Terak to me.

Anyway I really like the name you chose for this MOC, don’t know why some don’t like it, it’s quite clever. And as for the build it’s fine but all too similar to Melum and Terak (in build)

You could make an extra pair of arms for those exposed ball joints. Just a suggestion. Still a neat MOC.

I had a MOC which I called Forge Tyrant that would unify perfectly with this…

The name sounds fine to me. Actually, it sounds more like thornax to me. Anyway, it looks like a fine creature, but the hands make it look weird when it’s united to Tahu.

I love his arms, something about them makes him look strangely amusing which isn’t neccesarily a bad thing.

No I am not. Get your mind out of the gutter, those words (If we are thinking the same word) barely sound a like.

To be fair I did subconsciously base him off of a fantasy-style dwarf.

The biggest issue with this idea is that there is no orange-melded silver headpiece. Plus I like gold and gunmetal. I think it has a nice contrast. Also I feel silver (used as a major color) doesn’t work for a fire theme.

Someone could make the argument that I should change the color scheme based on the silver feet, but I like to consider those iron boots Fornax made for himself.

He is dwarf based.

Thank you Pekekoa.

Fornax and Terak both imbue their uniter with persistence. He also has a similar elemental theme with Terak. And Ikir and Melum both imbue their uniter with courage.

I don’t think they would work with the MOC. I tried putting armor there and it didn’t turn out well.

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Oooh, I thought the name. That’s what I get for not reading…the smarty glasses ain’t working.

Fornax is a joke character in something else. I guess the association isn’t as widespread as I thought though.

Then I have never heard of what you are thinking of.

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Looks very cool!

Looks cool, but I would suggest a name-change or even a bit of altering the name, you see, Fornax is literally forge in Latinic. My friend also named a MoC like this, and changed. Still, looks really cool, 11/10, would see again.

I’m pretty sure that’s the point.


So far the only thing I see translating Fornax into Forge is google translate (yeah… GT isn’t exactly accurate as I have observed). Other sources say Fornax can translate into furnace, oven, or kiln. In fact, I see “Furnace” as a regular result when googled.

Plus “Creature of the Forge” is just a title. If Fornax was not interested in metal work, he would be Fornax, Creature of Fire. And this is Okoto we are talking about. Kulta translates into Gold and the only gold thing about Kulta was when he had the mask of creation.

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