Fortis, Toa of Fire

My Self-MOC returns!


The upper legs are pretty thin compared to the torso, I suggest making it bulkier
other then that it looks nice


I can't really tell whether the mask is copper or brown...

Aside from that, you seem to have a relatively consistent colorscheme, which is good. The design is... Interesting. I can appreciate the fact that you took a shot at a custom torso and didn't just slap together an Inika build, but the shoulders look kinda awkward. Perhaps using a different type of armor or just moving the current piece up would fix it? As for the blade armor, I suggest you double up the daggers on the upper arms and use regular armor for the legs. They just look kind of odd on upper legs.

Ranting aside, you seem to be on the right track. Keep it up!

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Dagger knees