Found In Webs: RPG (CLOSED)


Your mind begins to groggily stir from the sound of a loud annoying hiss. Dull light knocking on closed eyes, beckoning an awakening. A sudden rush of stale air burns into empty lungs, convulsing breath and finally forcing you awake. Once calmed from waking into life, you notice you’re in a cramped and dark place with only a small rectangular hole for escape. Coming out, you find that you were stored in a sphere of sorts and there are a few others in this room.

It soon becomes obvious that you don’t know where you are or what these spheres are. And as thought returns, the lack of memories becomes worrisome. You know your name and little else, everything is a blank space. Looking towards the realms beyond, you see a cityscape held by sickly green webs and covered in a red glow. Everything in your being screams you must do one thing – escape.


It has been a long slumber, but now you shall be awaken. Rise from your pod and get to know your surroundings and fellow revived.

Your story has only just begun.



“Uuurrrhhhhgg…” Weldvo means, as he stumbles out of this pod, his various tools clanking on the ground as they pour out onto the floor. He does not notice them at first, but has he stands there for a bit he notices the mess all round him.

“Since when I did have these?” he says is a mild panic. “And just what is thing?” He nocks on the pod, inspecting its design and sturdiness, the sound echoing throughout the chamber.

A tiny smile comes across his face, “Looks sturdy enough, I suppose.”


Lync bursts from her pod all at once, skidding on the ground and scrambling away from it. Her eyes dart wildly across the room, trying to make sense of it all.

“Please tell me this isn’t Karzahni,” she mutters.


Vergil slowly steps out of her pod as the door opens, looking around the room in silent fascination. She pauses a moment, looking down and tapping one of the clasps connecting her metal “cape” to her shoulders.
Vergil stands there for another moment in musing silence before suddenly looking up and towards Weldvo.



“Am I the only one who doesn’t know where we are?” Lync asks. “You two are awfully calm.” She looks back and forth between Vergil and Weldvo, still propped up on her hands, all-but prone on the ground.

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“Oh trust me, I have no idea either.” Weldvo says as he starts to pick up all of the tools at where spilled on the ground, “I just find myself more interested with these… pods more than anything else.”

He pauses for a bit. “Although, if this in Karzahni, wouldn’t someone, or something, have snatched us up already? Or maybe not, I don’t know. I don’t know much really, or anything at all for that matter.”

He turns to both Vergil and Link, “Say, what are your names anyway?”
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Lync frowns at him for a moment.

“Lync. You?” She heaves herself to her feet, dusting off her armor. Maybe Karzahni had been a silly thing to guess, but it wasn’t an unfair one. She sure wasn’t happy to be here.

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Weldvo smiles at Lync, “The name’s Weldvo. Your local… uuuhhh… uummmm.” He says as he struggled to remember what he used to do. He polls out a bag from his pod that conveniently is able to store all of the tools that he picked up, and puts them in it.

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“Our local amnesiac,” Lync quips, stretching. After a moment she creeps back to her own pod. She wasn’t going back inside, just taking a peek. A quick look inside reveals a trio of Kanoka discs, which she pulls from pod. She sorts through them, testing their weight in her hand. They seemed… familiar. Were they hers?

She didn’t have an answer for that, and that scared her.


Lync finds the room to be oddly clean. Or at least, as clean as a room that hasn’t seen active life in ages. Cracks in the walls and ceiling, bits of small broken chips here and there, and piles of glass shards near the edge of what used to be windows. In fact, the walls were small sections, having larger spaces in-between open to the red cloudy sky. Glass existed there once most likely, though shards don’t exist along the edges everywhere. Almost as though they shattered in place with little external force.

And there was a fairly large device in the center. It also had a pile of shattered glass and crystal, pointing in the direction towards the other shard piles. Some of the crystal shards seemed to give a feeling that it used to give off light, but could not be certain. Could be more to it, but cannot see it from this angle.

Aside from this odd debris, several more pods just like hers were in the room. There seemed to be no order to their placement, a hurried job for certain.


Vergil looks at the ground, and after another few moments of deliberation digs a small Episode Book from a segment of her metal cape. She fiddles with it a second before the device turns on, a blue light shining out from the screen.

She turns a dial on the side (a volume control perhaps?) and looks at it for a while. Then she presses another button and turns it off.
“Vergil,” the Ga-Matoran says in a voice rusty from disuse. “That was…is my name.”

She blinks and looks up toward the ceiling. Toward the red sky beyond.
“What…where are we? What has…happened?”



There was a rustling from a pod nearby followed by repeated thuds against the inside, alternating from the softer metal of a Matoran’s hand and the sharp, hard metal of a knife handle. Repeated shouting also occurred from inside the tiny sphere.

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Pakiki then emerged from his pod.

“Wh-where am I? Who are all of you?”

After some moments of panic, he began to observe his surroundings. He peers out of the lighthouse.

“hmm, looks sort of like Ga-Metru,” he muttered to himself. “Although, this placed looked a whole lot nicer in my textbooks…”

hearing muffled sounds coming from a nearby pod, Pakiki grabs some tools from his satchel, and tries to open it up.

Vergil’s eyes dart toward the pod and the sound of the noise. Her expression grows a bit tense and she stows the Episode Book back in the cape. She glances again (this time at Pakiki), taking a few furtive steps back to her pod.

A faint memory flickers through the Ga-Matoran’s mind as she spies something in the pod. She leans halfway in, emerging with a Kanoka Launcher, a small bag of discs, and a metal baton.
“I don’t…remember leaving these in there.” Vergil looks up toward Pakiki again.
“Who are you, and who is in there?”

“Short answer: don’t know. Long answer: I don’t have the slightest idea why we’re here. I’m Lync, that’s Weldvo, and I have no idea who’s in there.” She points to each one of them accordingly. “Now… does anyone have a crowbar?” She looks around the room, before glancing at her Kanoka. She had a couple of bad ideas if they couldn’t find any good ones.


Weldvo looks inside his pod a bit more, and polls out a firestaff that he found and holds it in the air.

“Would this work?”

“I’m Pakiki. I’m the apprentice to a great scientist from Ko-Metru.”

Pakiki takes out a magnifying lens from his satchel, and attaches it to his mask. He then starts to examine the pods.

@Ghid The sphere opens, though the Matoran’s efforts could accidentally cause it to lock up again.

@rainsong As Lync looks around the room, if she goes around the device in the center she may notice a body laying against it.

Halmos flew out of his capsule, swinging his knife wildly in a blind panic. After he had cleared the group, he turned around panting at the group before realizing they were not trying to kill him.

“Oh.” He huffed, relaxing slightly. “Who are you? What are you doing here? Why was I in that…”

“…Where am I?”

Vergil levels her baton at Halmos but lowers it after a second. “…we’re also Matoran. We all…woke up in those pods.”
She points toward her pod with the baton. “No one else knows why we’re here. Although Pakiki thinks we’re in Ga-Metru.”

The Ga-Matoran lowers her baton, eyes darting to the side. They widen only incrementally when they fall upon the body by the strange device.