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Found In Webs

Your mind begins to groggily stir from the sound of a loud annoying hiss. Dull light knocking on closed eyes, beckoning an awakening. A sudden rush of stale air burns into empty lungs, convulsing breath and finally forcing you awake. Once calmed from waking into life, you notice you’re in a cramped and dark place with only a small rectangular hole for escape. Coming out, you find that you were stored in a sphere of sorts and there are a few others in this room.

It soon becomes obvious that you don’t know where you are or what these spheres are. And as thought returns, the lack of memories becomes worrisome. You know your name and little else, everything is a blank space. Looking towards the realms beyond, you see a cityscape held by sickly green webs and covered in a red glow. Everything in your being screams you must do one thing – escape.

Game Explanation:

Welcome to Found In Webs, a relatively short game of potential terror. In this game you will play as a Matoran from Metru Nui, recently awakened from your Matoran Pod. Though something has gone terribly wrong. You are not on the beaches of Mata Nui with the newly transformed Toa Metru, you are in the Visorak conquered city, seemingly left behind. No-one to greet you upon waking up. No Toa, no Makuta, No Rahagah, no leaders of Visorak hordes, there is no-one. There’s only yourself and the few other waking Matoran. Your goal is to work together, find out what happened, and get out of Metru Nui alive, preferably unmutated.

You start in Ga-Metru inside one of their dormant lighthouses, not far from the Matoran Feeding Center. How you go so far from the Coliseum is currently unknown. The city is typically covered in darkness, but a bright red light from above helps provide sight, along with dull lightstones installed throughout.

The game will be separated out by three main events (or acts I suppose), with a prologue and epilogue. So it will look something like this:

Prologue: Characters have just woken up, get introduced to each other, and get somewhat situated.

Spun In Green: Characters start venturing out further into Metru Nui and the game truly begins.

Wrapped In Red: ??? To be discovered in game.

Enclosed By Darkness: ??? To be discovered in game.

Epilogue: Players wrap up any unfinished business and look to the potential future for their characters. If there is any.

However, this is potentially subject to change, depending on what the characters do.

Character Creation:

For characters, you can be any one of the six Matoran types found in Metru Nui. At this time, I will only be accepting Matoran characters. However, if we get a decent amount of Matoran characters, I may be willing to open up chances to play something like a surviving Vahki, Rahi, or even one of the Visorak hunting the Matoran. But for now, just assume only Matoran are playable as characters.

At least for now there will be a limit of one character per player.

Character profiles must include the following at a bare minimum:

Powers and Weapons:

However, for this game, if you wish you can leave out Background or merge it and the Personality section together. Weapons are limited to what could typically owned or found in Metru Nui.

Interactions/Combat Guidelines:

General guidelines of play and behavior. TTV site rules and policies still obviously apply and overrule anything I put down below that happens to contradict or is out of line. If it does contradict site rules, please let me know so that I may edit and/or remove it.

1. Please keep all interactions in the roleplay in character (IC). If you need to discuss something with another player, please do so in the RP Discussion topic. Quick Out of Character (OOC) discussions for clarifications are perfectly fine within the roleplay.

2. This is a turn-based roleplay. You must wait for the other player to respond to your post first before moving on*. If the interaction is between a group of three or more players, please be patient and wait to ensure all the players had a chance to respond and interact before continuing. Discuss with those other players outside in the RP Discussion topic for such matters in large groups.

*Please check with the other player for their status if they have not replied in three days. If the other player does not respond to your RP post within a week, nor to your third day check, and has given no notice for being absent, you may proceed.

3. Moves: Players are limited to three moves per character/unit per turn.

A move is defined as an action performed by a character. In this roleplay, there are four different types of actions: Attack, Counter/Defense/Dodge, Movement, and Construction/Research. If your character’s actions do not fall into any of these categories, then it is not considered to be a move and does not count as such.

Attack Move: This is any and all actions that involve attacking or intending to kill, harm, and/or damage another character, item, building, and/or location. Actions that would lead up to an attack, such as charging up energy for a powerful blast, counts as an attack move. A counter-attack, depending on how it is performed, may count as two moves (first Defense, then Attack).

Defense Move: A defense move is any and all actions taken by the character to protect themselves from harm. This can range from blocking, to dodging, to countering, to various other methods. A defense move that fails to properly, or fully, protect the character does not grant the player to another move. Tanking a hit will count as a move, unless the damage/attacking move would otherwise be considered harmless or minuscule.

Movement Move: Movement actions are moves that have character performing travel. Examples would include entering an area, heading towards a battle and/or person to save them, fleeing battles, leaving a location, etc. Positioning characters and items counts as a move in this category.

Construction Move: Any actions taken by a character that results in the craft of an item, building, vehicle, weapon, etc. counts as a construction move. Researching, scouting, and observation also count as a move. Unlike the other Move types, this is the only one with a more defined success rate. Building/Crafting speeds will vary depending on character/faction’s abilities, knowledge, and available resources, but the standard default rate is 20% completion per post every 24 hours. Note that this 20% rate only applies if all three Moves are dedicated to the construction. Construction can be disrupted, as with all other moves, and lose progress.

3.1 . Moves that result in one-move/first-post defeats are not accepted in character battles. Similarly, this applies to armies as well, but armies can take significant losses.

3.2 Auto-hitting moves are prohibited. If a user makes what appears to be an auto-hit move, it may be that they’re just describing what will happen if your character takes the hit. If your character can avoid it, you do not have to accept the hit and can dodge.

3.3 Moves that cannot be countered or defended against are, in general, illegal. However, if the character is cornered, trapped, or in some way in a position where there is no way to avoid an attack that usually could be avoided in better circumstances, then it is acceptable.

3.4 All moves must be specific and clear as to what they’re doing and how it’s being done. If the move is left vague, then it is up to the replying user’s interpretation.

4. Avoiding Defeat:
Players are not allowed to avoid their character’s defeat by means of teleportation, warping, portals, dimensional rifts, magic, time travel, or anything else that somehow allows them to avoid defeat by cheap means. The only instances where teleportation and the other options listed would be accepted are as follows:

• Can be countered/avoid by another means the character possesses.
• The damage that would be received is insignificant or would not build up to defeat.

5. Death may be permanent. Your characters can, and will, die in this roleplay. That said, if you wish for your character to not die, please discuss it with me and/or the other player(s) first outside of the RP. They are not required to perform the request and can still kill your character. If it is determined that a player has gone out of their way to kill a certain player’s character, or to ruin the fun of the RP as a whole, those deaths will be reversed and the player will be dealt with.

If you have any questions, ask away! Normally I would host such games on another site, but I thought I’d try my hand here and see how it goes. Hopefully it will provide some fun to all.


Name: Carreg
Species: Matoran
Element: Stone
Gender: Male
Kanohi: Powerless Komau (cracked, Great-shaped)
Appearance: Standard Metruan build with light green eye filters and light gray, rather than brown, torso armor
Powers and Weapons: Kanoka launcher (Disk: 416), “Vahki deactivator” homemade blade (electronic current carried through Protodermis blade)
Personality: Carreg is a massively, irrationally paranoid Po-Matoran. In the days of the Vahki, Carreg’s belief that he was being monitored as a potential threat to society was forged into a self-fulfilling prophecy in his attempts to remain anonymous and protected from Turaga Dume’s all-seeing agents. Carreg upgraded himself with eye filters to protect from sudden changes in brightness (such as from a flashing weapon) and even added a layer of additional armor on top of his default torso. He fashioned an electro-sword for himself to fight Vahki, but before he had the chance to properly use it he was stuffed inside a Matoran Pod.


Character is approved.

so couple questions

Why this ridiculous specification on normal actions in-rp? This runs dangerously close to how I normally play RPs (no autohitting, godmodding, fair combat etc) and I feel like I’m going to unintentionally break the rules constantly because I didn’t write it down textbook-style.

ok actually I think I might know why you’re writing it this way


Name: K-2387
Species: Keerakh
Element: N/A
Gender: N/A
Kanohi: N/A
Powers and Weapons: Usual Keerakh Powerset. (Not sure how the apparently unlimited supply of Kanoka will work)
Personality: Cold, Robotic, but with a semblance of personality beginning to show due to the damage to the hives.
Background: The sole survivor of Keerakh hive 876, it, unlike many of it’s Vakhi brethren that destroying all life was key to order. It concluded that the preservation of life and the subsequent replacement of it’s destroyed brethren was the only way to gain the numbers required to re-institute some semblance of order. Leaving the comparatively lifeless ko-metru, it traveled north, passing over the great archives and the barren plains of Po-metru to Ga-metru, here it found the life-forms in question, and now it fights to preserve what life is left in overrun city.


As stated in the title, I’m using these as more like guidelines rather than hard fast rules. It’s there to better demonstrate the type of play anticipated and, if someone takes issue, how they might be able to more accurately explain their problem. So if you go over a bit one way, don’t worry, I’m not going to penalize you for every little thing.

Yeah, let’s just say I’ve been around the block. And believe me, I have much longer variations and other types of rulesets and guidelines.


Hello Prof. As I said in the character creation section, I am currently only accepting Matoran characters. If we get a bunch of Matoran (and we only have one so far), I would allow your character here. But for now, please submit a Matoran if you wish to join.

Aside from that, I do like it.

Gah, i’m stupid and didn’t read closely enough.

So, on matoran genders, will you be allowing matoran of elements that don’t have the typical gender. Since according to Greg “Exceptions exist”?

( )

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I’ll let you know straight up that I’m a stickler when it comes to canon and that under normal circumstances I would not. However, this is going to be a strange altverse as is and short (in theory), so I’ll allow it.

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Never mind then.

Name: Efari
Species: Matoran
Element: Water
Gender: Female
Kanohi: Powerless Crast (noble design)
Appearance: Somewhat taller than an average matoran, with yellow accents.
Powers and Weapons:Typical Ga-matoran abilities. Spear made from strapping a broken Bordakh staff to a peice of broken pylon
Personality: Very timid and shy, hates putting herself out.
Background: A protodermis researcher she was one of the scientists on the team attempting to figure out how to synthesize energized protodermis. However, she remembers none of this. All she remembers is waking up in her pod, and running for her life from a Roporak. She was rescued by a Bordakh that, while it killed the Visorak, was destroyed in the process. She took the shattered part of it’s staff, made a spear, and fought her way back to ga-metru.

Also, when do you plan on opening to non-matoran characters? Chapter 1 I would guess?


Name: Halmos
Species: Matoran
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Kanohi: Noble Rau
Appearance: Halmos is orange and dark red, and sports an unathletic build which is clearly out of shape. Thin in the shoulders with muscular, strongly-built hands. He sports a loose-fitting labcoat which he never buttons.
Powers and Weapons: Halmos carries numerous small boot knives tucked into his armor. In total he carries ten, and is a master at close quarters combat. On average he will do as little or act as incapable as possible, but if the situation demands it he will throw himself to whatever task is necessary with energy and vigor easily placing him above the best. His labcoat has a few interior pockets, which currently carry nothing.
Personality: To the average observer Halmos is a lazy, paranoid, and extremely peculiar Matoran. Obsessing over the archives’ great collection of Rahi, Halmos knows a fair bit more about the Matoran body than people would suspect, and aside from occasional visits by Matoran feeling exhausted or a little sick, the bizarre botanist is left mostly to himself.
But the real Halmos is a cunning, malignant, and utterly vile monster, who takes great satisfaction in, with surgical accuracy, dismembering the victims of his grim satisfactions. Preferring poison or a chute accident over violence, Halmos will only murder in cold blood when necessary - or discovered. With a political gamble and hunting to become the head of the archives, one could easily draw comparisons between him and a certain Po-Matoran carver with an identical mask… If Halmos hadn’t already killed him.
Background: Despising the life of mask making (and also trying to dodge being picked up for slapping a molten mask on an overseer’s face before drowning him in a bucket of water), Halmos headed to the islands around Metru Nui and became fascinated with the organic construction of plants. Bringing massive amounts of them back to his home in Ta-Metru, he retired from mask making and set out dissecting and cataloguing all of them in great detail - and with some persuasion, his catalogues were added to the archives.

Halmos also mapped out enough of the entrance to the bizarre tunnels deep into the archives that, when Matoran determined to find out where they led, wandered down them, most walked directly into his waiting arms. His experiments, dissecting and stitching, went mostly undetected, but the Matoran who occasionally found out about this was murdered, usually with extreme violence, and left for the Vahki. Ahkmou was one of these poor souls, who lost a handsome commision for work he never intended to do, did some digging, and found out the plot. He was found flattened beyond all recognition under a chute car after the chute had been blown open.

When the Vahki were commissioned and arrived on the streets, Halmos grew extremely paranoid. He wasn’t the first to notice his neighbors being gobbled up before long, either, and his sadistic fascinations were laid aside in the interest of self preservation. Alas, no one can outrun the Vahki. He was one of the last to go, but he went cringing and trembling, begging the powerful machines not to experiment on him. He was not a believer in karma before the capsules, but the world he wakes up to might change his mind…

Oh, and unlike most of his contemporaries, Halmos utterly hates spiders. Every time he thinks of one it makes his skin crawl.


@ProfSrlojohn Character is approved. As for additional and/or non-Matoran characters, that depends solely on the number of Matoran players in the game. I would like at least six Matoran characters before I open to anything else. Otherwise, they can appear and join the party at almost any point in the game.

@Ghid Character is approved, welcome aboard. Very curious to see where this one will go.

Name: Pakiki

Species: Matoran

Element: Ice

Gender: Male

Kanohi: light blue Kakama with an articulable magnifying glass attachment.

Appearance: Pakiki is a Matoran with a white body, light blue Kakama, and dark Blue feet. He also has a satchal containing several small tools, books, research papers, and other little bits and bobs. Pakiki also had a small birdlike Rahi companion, who won’t be with him when he wakes up in Ga-Metru. Who knows, maybe it’s dead.

Personality: Pakiki is knowledgeable and confident in his abilites. He is also very adventurous and curious, but his curiosity often leads to him getting injured (He once permanently damaged one of his arms after tampering with a Keerakh that he thought was deactivated) He can at times be overeager, and reckless, when he is pursuing knowledge. He dreams of traveling around the world, and discovering new things, and feels limited when he is forced to study up in the knowledge towers.

Backstory: Pakiki is a matoran who was selected to be the apprentice of a great Ko-matoran scientist (Named Turrim). Before being placed in the matoran pod, He spent most of his time reading, studying, and observing his master. While Pakiki respected his master greatly, he didn’t like being cooped up in the knowledge towers all day long, and would have rather explored the world. He tired of the quiet life in Ko-Metru. Pakiki’s master is very wise, but doesn’t appreciate Pakiki’s extreme curiosity, because it often leads to trouble.


Your character is approved.

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To prison, hopefully

I’ve got another character in mind as well but I intend to save that one till after things kick off. Also a Matoran.


Red skies and a dead city.
Well darn you are a good hype man.

Name: Vergil
Species: Matoran
Element: Water
Gender: Female
Kanohi: Great Huna
Appearance: Standard Metru-Matoran build. Like normal Ga-Matoran, she is colored blue and grey, and has a few light armor plates arranged like a “cape”. This cape can also be doubled as emergency extra armor in a pinch.
Powers and Weapons: Kanoka launcher (Disk: 136), a metal rod used as a makeshift baton. Wrapped with cord to be easier to grip. Like other Ga-Matoran, enhanced lungs and swimming capacities.
Vergil possesses a Metru-Nui grade Episode Book, which she used to store numerous recordings of the creatures and beings she used to study.
Personality: Vergil is exceptionally withdrawn, eerily so for a Ga-Matoran. She smiles frequently, often at inopportune times, and has an odd fascination with weird Rahi, and things of Shadow. A fascination not very becoming for a normal Ga-Matoran.
Background: Vergil was once a student in Ga-Metru, known for little and known by very few people. To the few that knew her she was an odd thing indeed; often spending as much time perusing the Archives of Onu-Metru, or the Knowledge Towers of Ko-Metru as she did in the schools and labs of Ga-Metru. She was odd and unimportant, and destined for obscurity.

She had so little life, that when Vergil woke up in this new world, it was quite literally the surprise of a lifetime.


Character is approved and good to go when the RP starts.

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Name: Voyo
Species: Matoran
Element: Ice
Gender: Male
Kanohi: Pakari
Appearance: mainly white with lime green accents and little silver bits.
Powers and Weapons: Incredibly skilled with a disc launcher, athletic. Equiped with a lightdtone, disc launcher, and 3 kanoka disks. A pack with food that can last the group a day.
Personality: smart-aleky; laid back, but can be serious when needed to be. Outgoing
Background: N/A doesn’t remember background.

I didn’t give Voyo a very descriptive profile, because sometimes, our personality is influnced by our memories. All of the matoran in this game arn’t supposed to have a very detailed memory of who they are, so I’m leaving Voyo a bit blank so he has room to grow as a character and discover who he is.

@ajtazt is this good?


Name: Weldvo
Species: Matoran
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Kanohi: Noble Design Kakama
Appearance: Weldvo has yellow limbs and lower body, with a black torso and mask, and has a bulkier build than most matoran. He consistently wears a thick smith’s apron with thick gloves. His armor is well-worn, even after repairs on it. He also wears welding goggles that have been modded onto his mask.
Powers and Weapons: Other than normal Ta-matoran abilities, he is a bit more resilient than the average matoran. He is a master craftsman, foundry worker, and mask maker; able to make or modify most any piece of equipment or item under the suns. He also carries with him multiple tools of the trade, with includes smithing tools, a trusty firestaff, heatstones with appropriate containers, and a bag to carry all of his tools in when they are not is use.
Personality: With the fire of the forge in his heart and a body that most likely went through one, Weldvo loves the forges and anything related to them. The joy of creation and making things anew are what can keep him running for days on end, to the point that other matoran must interrupt his work so that he does not die of exhaustion. He is normally a friendly, open, cooperative, and a goofy person otherwise. He is also very such a nerd when it comes to anything that comes out of Ta-Metru and the crafts within them


@Cordax Character is approved and yes, it is good. Leaving him mostly blank for the character to discover themselves as the go along the story is always welcomed.

@Spawner Character is approved and welcome to this realm.

@ProfSrlojohn Since it looks like we have a decent number of Matoran characters, if you want K-2387 to appear at the start of the game, it may. Character is approved. As for Kanoka, I would say it isn’t unlimited since no-one has been forging disks in quite some time. So the Vahki Hives haven’t been replenished with ammo, so it can’t be teleporting as much.

As for how much ammo he has…Eh, we’ll work out on how ammo works with everyone later if it becomes a problem.

Cool beans! He’ll probably pop in a little bit after the beginning. Not long, but close.