Four Skulls of The Apocalypse

The bells of the end are ringing on Okoto. Here come the Skull of Famine, the Skull of War, the Skull of Pestilence, and the Skull of Death.

Based off of MocMakerMax’s moc, the Skull of Pestilence.The Skull of Warhe Skull of DeathThe Skull of Famine The end has come. So, try to survive these four types of the apocalypse.


All of these seem spindly and IMO I’m not a fan.

Famine doesn’t even look undead.


Well, I made Famine last minute.

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Wether he’s made last minute or not they all seem lazy. Ussually with group figure Mocs id reccomend making them all different (famine being thin, death being almost all black, war being huge and bulky, pestilence having trans green.)

Here’s what I mean

Yes this is a shameless plug for my creation and destruction Mocs but this is what I mean; body types to fit their theme or element.


The long necks look really weird imo

The necks made me cringe.

only 3 of them have skulls 1/10

The MOCs all look pretty decent, but their necks look too long.

Ehh, the necks are too long and they don’t really look like proper skullies

I got to say this looks average.
Though yeah their necks are too long and their limbs look frail.

5/0 needs more rahkshi heads and nuva breasteses

Can’t add those, don’t have them
Also, Better?

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The necks look much better but still with these type of groups (seven sins, 12 zodiacs, four horsemen) they’d look way better with differing body types to fit their symbol.