FPS Discussion/Comparison

my favorite has to be call of duty because its more realistic and can happen in real life and the choose of guns is great and all the possibiltes with comstimization. @Takua but dat 720 noe scope doe

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Naw, Halo's better.
CoD has too much Doritos and/or Mountain Dew.


I don't particularly like either. Although I have nothing against Halo but find the realism of Cod games disrespectful to real life wars.

I'm just going to point you towards Black Ops 2 and Advanced Warfare.


Blaster Master is best shooter, guys. Y'all don't even know.

Even its sequels (pics incoming)

Blaster Master 2:

Blaster Master Jr.

Blaster Master: Enemy Below

Blaster Master: Blasting Again

Blaster Master Overdrive


I dunno, I like Skyrim better than both.


Do you like it better than Blaster Master?
I doubt it.

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I think there comparing FPS's here.

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It's called a joke, dear @Charyas.


I love Halo more because of Halo's story. Honestly, I look for story in a game more than anything. So I don't like COD for the inconsistent storyline. Halo's story about humanity's struggle to survive against the Covenant Empire is awesome. I may or may not like it better than Star Wars. I could go on and on but I have to do something.

Blaster Master is SUPERIOR to all the modern FPS games though


What is this "joke" you speak of?

one of us, one of us, by "us" I mean me.


Another thing: COD's campaigns try to become Republic Commando, in the sense it constantly tries to get you attached to dead characters. The only time I was attached was to Riley from Ghosts. @Toa_Matoro Do you like Halo at all?


yes i perfer halo its ok when your talking about halo reach i finished the story and the multiplayer is great sunglasses

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Halo, hands down. 10 reasons why:
Point 1: Intriguing story that doesn't feel tacked on. Halo has spent years developing a universe that feels real, with backstories upon backstories for everything. When you delve into it, it DOES feel like something that could (hypothetically) happen in 200 years, and the way they portray space travel, etc. actually comes off as quite realistic.
Point 2: Community. Not saying that the Halo fanbase has none of those screaming 6-year-olds you get on COD, but the number seems to be significantly reduced. Most people are very mature online, aside from the occasional.... well... you get the idea.
Point 3: Community (Part 2). Halo has many aspects, like sharing replays, making your own maps, multiplayer story mode (Spartan Ops), etc. that bring the community closer together, letting people share and create some really cool things.
Point 4: Balance. In Halo, the multiplayer is very fine tuned so that some players will not have an advantage over others simply having played longer or paid more (although this was to a lesser extent in Halo 4). Everyone has access to the same stuff, ann nobody can get a "one hit kill" full auto weapon at any time.
Point 5: Strategy. Not being killed as easily leads to people not being able to camp as easily, as they can't simply sit there with a weapon that will definitely kill at any point. People have to play around the other player, and utilize the map and other things to get the kill without the enemy escaping or killing you.
Point 6 (hate to bring this one up): Graphics. Halo games generally have much more time put into them than the once a year cash in style COD follows, and it shows. Older Halo games hold up much better than the average COD.
Point 7: Post- game content. COD stops after the "campaign", and really all you can do is play online; Halo has thought out post story missions, options, etc. that keep you playing longer.
Point 8: THE GAMES AREN'T ALL SO DARN SIMILAR. Each Halo has something new and unique, often going past the story mode, although the story is part of this. For one, each game isn't the bad person did bad kill it, it's thought out dialogue that is greatly dynamic. For example, unleashing the flood and it's after affects, the effects of tearing up the Covenant, firing the Halo array, etc.
Point 9: VEHICLES (drivable ones). Kinda goes hand in hand with point 5, it improves the multiplayer significantly. It makes it so your team has to play around keeping your heaviest weapons alive and keeping the opponent's dead, which makes for some interesting matches.
Point finale (10): Partly that is ISN'T so realistic. It's exciting to see stuff that's not so orthodox, and not seen in every other shooter on the market (Zombies, etc.) It's nice to be unique.

Wall of text over, this is why Halo is better in my opinion.


@legofan3225 i dont give a banana


Well... that's not necessarily what you said in the initial post smile

You see, guys...
The correct answer is Unreal Tournament.
It will always be the right answer.


He's simply stating his opinion. Personally I agree, Halo is leagues better. But that's also my opinion.


Meh, I've never really played either, but I do prefer the futuristic space type of thing with Halo.

Metroid Prime is still better though.