Fractal, My Secondary Self Moc/Falcon Moc

So, I made two mocs in one.
I hope you like how he turned out.
Thumbs up for Civil War, BTW.

With the wings out.

And what would Falcon be without Redwing?


The torso seems a bit stubby, if not a little bare. Pretty good though.


Chest needs armor and if you had any the thumbs should be attached to tap pieces so they don’t fall and it looks better. they color scheme is pretty consistent with blue at the end of the limbs and silver closer to the torso.

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The torso seems small compared to the rest of the MOC and needs some armour, and it could use some blue.


Gotta give him some chest armor. He looks a little bare… Otherwise, seems pretty cool. Very nice color distribution.

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Thanks, guys, and I guess I should armour the chest.
I have no clue how to do that…

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Oh I just figured out the inspiration.

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Nice MOC

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