Freedom of Speech

Post if you feel like in some areas or events of you life where you feel like you freedom of speech is almost non existent.
Ex: (work, school, internet, ect.)


School was a pain at the time, teacher was unfairly verbally abusive to most the class so spent most my childhood generally sticking up for people who couldn't voice their opinions. In the rest of my life its been 'alright' for the most part


Yeah, I actually had one time where I made a joke about Transformers with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and basically most of the people attacked me for saying it. Honestly, I hate SPVTW, I found it boring. Also, a fan on my FB Page decided to tell me what to do, and it was something I was gonna do anyways. I told him I was sick and he made it look like I was bullying him. Then I do it, and all he says was I guess you're not sick enough to post this.

So I had my fair share of stuff regarding it, and it gets pretty difficult. But those people must have trouble socializing with others. (Not attacking anyone who can't due to certain reasons other then ignorance.)

Sad violin.

I'm just tired of people destroying fun and things for me, it doesn't make an experience enjoyable in general. Why can't we have are fun sometimes? Is it such a pain? Whose it hurting? There's no reason to be disrespectful to anyone for trying to enjoy what they love. It's the reason why I'm starting to hate certain communities i.e. Transformers. Yeah, I said it.


We have a pretty bad RAVE teacher, vocally abusing students to a great extent, so a lot of my friends and myself spent their RAVE class speaking up, even when we tell the heads, still she was there. Then even SJWs and the whole #gamergate ordeal, another probation of freedom of speech, to quote Brian-Sempai:


I just wanna point out that "freedom of speech" does not mean "you can say anything with no repercussions from anyone." At least in the US, all it means is that the government can't tell you what to say or not say (within reasonable limits; libel and slander are crimes, after all). It doesn't really apply to everyday life. It sucks if people are nasty about disagreeing with you, but there's only so much you can about it unless you want to outlaw impoliteness.

That being said,

That sounds awful; school should be a "neutral ground" where you can voice opinions freely.


Yeah, it was hell. Luckily it was only for two years


I get general societal pressure to not talk about or show my interests. Hide my computer screen from my friends, crap like that. Constricted freedom of expression, perhaps.


i do want to point out that, in the Us at least, almost all of our constitutional rights are nullified when we enter a place like a school. At least until we're 18, and even in college they're allowed to restrict constitutional rights.

That being said, I do agree with @John_Smith on that issue.


Too many people don't understand this.

That said, I haven't often been restricted from doing/saying things, more hiding them from embarrassment.


As a Bionicle fan I don't have free will because love is non canon


School, somewhere endorsed by the government and falls directly as government property, is one of the only places where I don't have free speech. Kinda hypocritical, in some ways. It's not much of the teachers, it's more of the students.

Extreme censorship on this one forum I used to frequent. It tried WAY too hard to be politically correct. Even saying the sentence "I like Christmas" was worthy of a ban. I left pretty quickly, and I don't even remember which one it was, since I've left many pretty bad ones...

I was your stereotypical "loner" at my public school. I had a VERY dark sense of humor (I'm not necessarily proud of it). when ever I said anything that was not echoing the rest of the school's beliefs I was shot own and slandered. eventually through means I'd rather not discuss the school itself (as in not its students) drove the final nail into its coffin. so now I'm t a cyber school sipping (metaphorical) pina-colladas.

I've never had a problem with expressing myself, least not that I can really remember. Always been pretty open about who I am and what I enjoy to practically everyone so I've never really felt that societal pressure to keep quiet about things that may be considered "nerdy".

Maybe in my middle school days there was more societal pressure to be perfect, but once I was in high school that was pretty much nonexistent.

As far as school and teachers go, I've always had this personal policy that I will treat my superiors with respect and politeness as long as that favor is returned. Once they act like a jerk I reciprocate it back. There have been several occasions in which I was sent to the office, given detentions, and even suspending for talking back to teachers. It was honestly so much fun giving jerk-teachers grief.

Hmm, I think that kind of shows in my responses to stupid YouTube comments....

Oh high school.... how I miss you ever so slightly (until I remember all the silly drama which reminds me why high school freaking sucked).