Freezer: the brilliant

from front from back different pose


Freezer was an evil genius living on an industrial planet. He had a warehouse which gave him the perfect chance to upgrade himself and make a water backpack. He has tubes that allow him to channel his intellect into a water tail and water cannons. He was soon found out and arrested by the hero factory, but during the breakout he escaped. He ended up on spherus magna and sided with the dark hunters.


Now I have a mental image of this guy throwing his brain at people.



Anyway I guess the concept is alright, but IDK about his execution. Though I guess it's an alright moc. Don't know about the Hero Factory-Bionicle connection, but meh, your creation

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Thanks for the feedback. I made this guy just to be a minor enemy and to look like a HF villain.


I'd say either claws or guns. Either go for a clawed brute, or a tanker. The claw on the back of his neck seems a bit out of place. I do like the individual sections quite a bit for it being a fairly simple MOC, just not necessarily all on the same one. wink



Like the use of skull spider legs as claws. Much better than the original HF claw.

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Cool! Very well done.

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I needed some of the wide gunmetal armor for another moc, so I replaced the upper arm shells with two, six long black pieces.

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