Friend Taker (Autoalytic Corp)

“New from Autoalytic Corp. You wish to be an awesome bounty hunter like the pros? Then you’ll need an awesome bike! The new Friend Taker has awesome rotating blaster, movable rifles, and–!”–End of footage.

The “Friend Taker” was a hover/space motorcycle developed by the Autoalytic Corporation that never made it to public release. It was designed to look similar to the bikes used by infamous bounty hunters, weapons and all. As designed for casual and public use, the weapons were nothing more than nonfunctional decorations and could travel no faster than other cheaply made hovercycles on the market. For unknown reasons, despite promotional material having been created for the product, it was canceled and most evidence of its existence destroyed. All that remains are parts of early commercials and a few prototypes stolen and modified by villains. It is suspected that Hero Factory may have mandated the action based on testimony from former employees, but perhaps we’ll never know.

It’s been a long time (for me) since I’ve been able to build anything, almost two years. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out for the most part, there are gaps and holes here and there I wished I could fill, but oh well for now.

The only real issue with it is where the front portion (the part with the handle bars) connects to the rest of the vehicle, which is on one ball joint. That black shell piece where the G2 skeleton clip-on armor piece connects in the front, the other end of it is where the ball joint connection is and nothing else holds the two chunks in place. So when I tip the bike towards the floor, the front bends and moves out of place. If I were to shake it, it would probably come off. But aside from that, it’s pretty solid.


The armor in the rear of the bike flows so smoothly it feels like one piece.
The fire looks less organic than fire should, but it adds more to the MOC than it takes away.



The bike is great- the rider is way to small. Give it a bigger rider, with a color that’s not silver (so it’ll stand out from the vehicle), and it’ll be amazing.


@Dr.Doctor Thanks. Yeah, the fire is the weaker part visually on the bike, but I didn’t have too many options for fire placement with how I designed it. Or at least, if there were better placements, I completely missed them. I would have definitely used better fire pieces if I had them, but alas, I currently do not.

@darkbrick999 Thanks. Yes, I know the figure is pretty terrible. A last minute edition to give an idea of what a rider would look like in the bike, so I used what scraps were lying around. He originally was taller than a Protector, but I personally didn’t think the larger figure looked as good.

But, yeah, I’ll have to have a better figure with the vehicle next time instead of rushing to meet the time limit.


When I looked at the skull I hoped it was gonna transform.
Still a very good MOC.
The rider still needs to be bigger.

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