Frodobell TTV Cast MOCs

Here are my updated renditions of the TTV cast:

From left to right: Kahi, Exxtrooper, Eljay, Mesonak (skull and matoran versions), Venom, Viper, Varderan, and Takuma.
I’ll post individual shots at a later date.


Mini Var! :smiley:

Why is Ven Ehrye?

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And then Meso is the tallest :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you not know about Ven’s sexy blue nipples? Him and Ehrye are practically twins!



I sense that the Eljay MOC sounds an awful lot like me.

He’s not exactly Ehrye, but yes, he does have some of the same parts.

it looks like you just changed the arms and feet.

And the eye colour. It is very similar, I’ll give you that.

It honestly looks like you were just trying to build Ehrye but couldn’t find all his pieces. I do love the style of your other Mocs, and I’d love to see you do a more proper Ven Moc


I don’t just have a dark blue 2004 mask of night vision sitting around, but that is one of the MOCs I’m planning to take another look at, at the very least revamp a little.

No two interpretations of me have ever been similar. This is great.


better beat Axelford to reviving these topics
These are really cool little mocs.

this hasn’t aged well, has it

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2015 crowd was more criticism than construct weren’t they