From White to Black, The Evolution of Green in BIONICLE

When I was just lazing around I had the idea to make a comparison of various shades of green used in lego parts. More specifically BIONICLE parts (or parts used in BIONICLE), even more specifically the masks. So here it is;

It is quite interesting, Isn't it?

Side Note; I'm not trying to copy off of anyone, nor am I trying to infringe opon the rules and guidelines of the TTV message boards by posting this.

I just had the idea to do this so I decided to do it. and I wanted to share it, so I did.


That's...actually pretty cool, Though the camera quality...yeah.


I'm wondering why you thought it was necessary to put this in? =P

This is pretty cool though, I wonder how red and blue would look like this?


Coolio coolio indeed...

I'm currently looking through my bins of parts to see if I can find anything else that fits into this topic.

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Right now I'm looking through my grey pieces. There's a lot more shades of grey than I thought – I'd say around 50.


This could be cool to see done in a full HD picture if someone is able.

This is why if you collected white or black sets you had a slight MOCing advantage over the other colors. Since There weren't that many variations of black and white throughout the sets.


Omg why am I the first person to get this

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I took the original photo with my iPad (which has a really poor camera too begin with) and the lighting was bad so I might retake the picture with a better camera under better lighting conditions later.

The world may never know.

...Although, technically Bionicle is LEGO which has a younger fan base, but I expect the TTV forums to an older audience than something like, say, the LMB.


Green is not a creative colour. (Props to anyone who gets that reference)

But yeah. That is pretty interesting to see. Does anyone know if the Skull Spider green is the same shade as in the Glowkies from Mixels Series 4?


It is the same shade of green.

There's one more thing that you need to know, before you let your creativity flow....


lego jang?


Did he forget Lesovikk and Kongu Mahri?

Eh. Well Lewa Phantoka is already there, so he basically reperesents the lime toa(thus no need for Lesovikk or Lewa's vehicle form) and Kongu Inika probably already represents the toa inika/mahri.

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Its intriguing how currently the newer masks takes a sort of middle ground between the rest of the green variations we have.

Not sure why you posted this, but just to let you know this topic isn't breaking any rules or guidelines at the moment, so no need to worry :3

And their isn't a topic like this on the boards, so it isn't 'copying' either. Just to put your fears at rest


This is certainly unique, and I'd love to see it in more colors.

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