Frontier - An Okoto Space Roleplay


Date 23-13-2093

Temple Grounds

I stood among the silent crowds as the cold winter wisps stung like daggers across my face. The men, women and children who usually gathered here were often filled with warmth and cheeriness, but no-one would dare even smile today. On the platform high above, atop the neatly cut stairs sprinkled with a downy white layer of snow, were the three most powerful beings on the entire island.

The great mask makers; our leaders… And Him.

Out from the middle of the assembly of viewers, a procession of armed guards strode forth armed with electronic weaponry. In the center, layered in chains, was Messeck. No-one could turn from their gaze upon him; his expression, his very face was the epitome of wickedness. “Kulta Reborn”, as they called him. He was layered in badly mangled furs and the shrunken head of Bingzak could be seen dangling from his hip.

Messeck was the leader of the Dead of Kulta, which one might describe as a fanatic cult - but they had the blood of a hundred souls drenched into their very beings; they were the epitome of wickedness on the island of Okoto, and Messeck somehow outclassed every single one. As he took each step, my careful eyes chanced to spot small, traces of powder drifting into the snow - possibly some addictive, I thought, until I noticed the bag of ashes in his hand that he was emptying upon his ascent.

The two guards who lead him up were afraid to be even as close as the were, widely spread apart as far as the chains and the stairs would allow. The intense fear spread over them and the crowds cannot be spoken in the same manner as for the two mask makers Hokku and Velmes, as they stood by the executioner who had little care for the event in general.

The former was of fire; wise and discreet, and was robed in a puffy coat lined with scales. Despite the incredible warmth it must have given him, he still shivered intensely, perhaps from the presence of Messeck alone. Velmes, however, was of the ice, and was known for a violent temper, precise calculating, and the way he brutally killed anyone who would pose a threat to the lives of the villagers, as we shall soon see. He did not even quiver once as the grinning master cultist was slowly marched up the stairs.

When the villain at last reached the top, The executioner strode forward and began the usual speech given for every criminal executed. “Messeck, your time in existence on this world has come to an abrupt close. None exist who can prove your innocence. As usual, the criminal will be executed-”

The criminal was shoved down onto the stone block used for this public display, but the next second had rolled off the back of it and pulled hard on the pair of chains being held by the two guards. They were immediately flung forward, as they thought no harm could come once he was on the block. They flew down the stairs, letting go of the chains and trying anything to stop their descent. The executioner came at him with his axe, but Messeck sidestepped the vertical swing and landed a knife in his throat.

And then - it happened so fast I still cannot recall it properly - he began his approach to the mask makers, but a blinding flash came from somewhere in the separation of Hokku’s coat, followed by a horrible cry. I could not see what happened to him, but the people say that Messeck swung toward the crowds in great agony, and the right half of his face was glowing with the light of a furnace, melting to slag as he screamed. The next instant Velmes brought his powerful hand down on the back of Messeck’s head, perhaps moreso than he intended, slamming onto the execution block on which he was leaning and exploding anything that made up Messeck’s neck.

The bland, smoldering head of the villainous monster tumbled down the steps in an almost musical fashion, before burying itself in a pile of snow at the base. The snow on the steps ran a crimson trail down to the audience, as the audience slowly dispersed into the blizzard as it picked up speed once more.

After a long silence, as the wind whipped around them, reminding each of the horrors that life had to bring, Hokku spoke to Velmes once more.

“We’re almost there, Velmes. One more step to the cosmos.”

Velmes responded with a deep exhale, turning towards me as I finished scraping the final touches into my slate to remind me what to copy down. He placed his hand on my shoulder, leaving some of the blood of the one who just died. “Do not forget what has happened here, young one. You just may live to see the day where man will no more be murdered, no crime shall he commit, no punishment he shall face. For on that final day we shall stand at the edge of the universe and speak to the stars.”

“But what will you tell them?” He strode into the forge, Hokku following along behind. I scraped a few more reminders and hurried after as fast as I could.

~“Pigmy” Muvoso, Chronicler of the Ancients


1: Story

1.1: Pre-Collapse

1.2: The Race To Space

1.3: Death Is Thy Moniker

2: Okoto Specifics

2.1: Locations

2.2: Wildlife

2.3: Technology

3: Outer Space

3.1: To Space and Back

3.2: Vehicle Physics

3.3: Weaponry Physics

3.4: Planetary differences

3.5: Dimensional Etc.

4: Characters

4.1: Profile Sheet

4.2: Non-Playable Characters

4.3: Playable Species

5: Rules & Regulations

6: FAQ

1: The Story


Now you are speaking to Lord Hokku, elder brother of the mask makers. Velmes is my younger brother, and the two who came before us are brothers as well, but not ours. Listen now to the tale of the past, future, and present, before you be sent into the stars.

Long, long ago, before time had found its proper place, The Island of Okoto was filled with our people; our ancestors were quite strong indeed, morally, physically, and mentally. We always heard that the times back then were a perfect paradise, but no-one can say for sure anymore.

When Makuta dared to create the Mask of Ultimate Power, all of Okoto was riveted. Of course, Makuta was part of the mask makers: Gold-armoured and powerful Okotoran with incredible strength and skill beyond belief. Two were from the Ice tribe, Makuta was from the Earth tribe, and myself from the Fire Tribe. Velmes and I stayed to protect the people as Ekimu ventured into the Temple of Time after Makuta right as the third moon passed over it.

Anyone who says they know what happened there is a fool, for the doors sealed from the energy and a pillar of what can only be described as pure light destroyed the roof, carrying into the skies and beyond our feeble sight. When the Temple gates were broken open, there was a crater in the room, and both the legendary Mask Makers had vanished, with the powerful masks they wore.

Well, you know the rest of the story. Meteors rained down all over our tiny island, causing Velmes and I to step in and take command. We ordered for the construction of high, heavily fortified walls around Ko-Koto with special construction so nothing could possibly climb up them, and electric machinery based on technology inside the ancient city, which shattered the meteorites before they landed. We also ordered that special defense suits be made for the soldiers, and that any equipped head out in huge teams to find the fabled Masks of Unity, in the event that they could hold some fragile hope for our future. However, one day, a grave mistake was made…


An odd, crimson meteorite encompassed in flames arrived shortly after the arrival of the Skull Spiders - absolutely morbid swarm creatures, they maul everything in their path and beware if one should land on you; they control their prey and hollow out the inside of their victim’s head. The meteorite was shot down like the others, but it was followed with a deafening cry of agony, and large pieces of torn metal rained down instead of rock. Upon closer inspection, the “meteorite” was a capsule, which contained one of the heroes of the prophecy - dead. The blast had ripped him apart, and completely ruined his mask.

After a saddening funeral, close inspection was carried out on the capsule and, more specifically, the mechanisms that let it travel through space. They were copied, tested, enhanced, and by the time the search teams returned with the majority murdered by the vicious spiders, vehicles were under production that would let the users travel the stars. It was unknown how far they could go, but the mystery of what lay on the orbiting moons was too great to let minor concerns hold back our ambitions.

With no outside power able to hold any threat against us, how could we fall?


The Dead of Kulta is the most wicked group of individuals I have ever come across. They are so vile and horrifying I could not believe such a calm person as Dessimus would have risen to the throne after Messeck, self-proclaimed reincarnation of Kulta, was rightfully ‘executed’. Its sole purpose is to reach the moons before we do to harvest the resources and claim it as theirs. Oh, and kill everybody and take control of everything, that too. If you encounter any Dead of Kulta members, kill them - do not hesitate. Except, however, for Dessimus. His capture could lead to the surrender of the entire group- If not, it will still cripple them heavily.

  1. Okoto Specifics


On this cursed island, the majority of it is cut off from access by our large walls and the hordes of Skull Spiders looking for a good way to scale them. Take heed; if you find a way out you will not be allowed back in. We do not request pilots who prove themselves to be rebellious. The village is on the back of the Temple of Time, which sits in the ice region of this island. However, the front is inside the ancient city, which is teeming with Skull Spiders and the sluggish Skull Warriors, who were defeated after Ekimu destroyed the villainous Kulta. The Temple is off-limits to anyone aside from Velmes and Myself, and the chronicler Muvoso.

All other regions were decimated by the forces of darkness except for this one. The temperature of the village is generally very cold, except for inside the forge itself, where the heat of the magma pools circulating keeps things very comfortable. There are small shops here and there, a restaurant with surprisingly fine wares, and one inn which never gets used, but there is no other major building with interior heating. This is another reason why we’re trying to find a new home. A house exists for every Okotoran before the Skull Spiders, except for a select few who were too lazy to build a house when they had the chance.

On the way up to the forge, you will spy the two massive carvings of Ekimu and Makuta which Velmes commissioned after their demise. And in the town square, the statue of the first explorer to the stars resides, the statue of the ever-famous Hymuka. He was the one who took on the first three space adventures before a mistake occurred with his capsule and he was incinerated on re-entry.


Sadly, almost all of the creatures on this island were killed off by those arachnids. Only the most powerful ones survive, spare some that were already here that were raised as either pets or livestock. The small-toothed Rezge is a lizard-like worm, only it’s the size of a person and can tunnel through anything that isn’t stone or metal. It is dangerous, but nothing like the Horde Spider. Oh, the Horde Spider! Named as such because when they were first seen, they thought they were simply a horde of tinier spiders pretending to be something massive. Smart as one of us, and ten times as strong. Rumors abound about this creature, and some say one found a mask of power with which to control those Skull Spiders, although I believe it’s hogwash.

The livestock consist of only one species now: a variety of miniature cow known as the Ekimu Bull. They’re a struggle to keep alive, especially in the cold weather. The only other creature around here is the Misken, a furry, little, four-legged creature with tiny teeth and lots of energy, which is usually considered to be a pet. But, it’s rather irrelevant, so I’ll move on.


Technology, despite our recent advancements, is still basic and blunt in comparison to what Ekimu and Makuta must have known. Yet, despite this, we still have made some interesting technological advancements. Of course, not everything is available to the public, but we make as much as we can available.

These publicly available advancements include:

  • Very expensive heat generator, large enough to heat up a whole room
  • Electricity-powered circular saw, can run for three hours
  • Specialized crossbow, designed to fire bolts instead of arrows

We have also devised special baiting towers, which let off certain frequencies that Skull Spiders cannot resist. They will madly crowd around the towers, scrambling over each other and sometimes killing each other. While they are durable, the towers have an expected life span of only two years.

Of course, not many will be able to afford some of what we can offer, but the expedition to the stars can possibly assist us in making more advanced technology available. We must do whatever it takes to explore the universe!

  1. Outer Space


Thanks to our most talented associates, we have constructed the most basic of all flying machines for travel beyond the skies- the Vertical Transportation Pod. I know, it’s not much of a name, but the name does not matter. What matters is if it can fly through space - and it can! We have perfected the landing, cycling, fuel, and durability in zero-gravity conditions, so nearly anyone can fly it safely. Thankfully, it is constructed out of materials we have immediate access to, so the loss of a Pod in the south sea is no major concern.

All passengers on board the VTP will be required to wear the special spacesuit we have designed personally for every daring adventurer. Constructed out of several high-durability materials, it is perhaps the strongest protective armour ever to exist. It can withstand and, in most cases, completely deflect knives, arrows, and other such materials/ However it is never to be used outside of the mission itself or the return trips. Wearing it casually for whatever you wish may result in you losing the suit and the right to explore the cosmos.

A team of three at a time will climb into one of these pods, take off from the specially designed take-off area, and head through the cosmos. The vehicle is very fast, but even with its great speed, and the close proximity of our first moon, travel there still takes an hour. Then, they will explore the reaches of the new world, bring back samples of whatever they can find in specially sealed containers, and return home, landing in the south sea.

Then they must escape the pod, and survive the Skull Spiders to return to the main gates, but this will be the most trying portion. While Skull Spiders are very weak and can usually be felled if they hit something too hard, despite their ability to withstand lava, the swarms are deadly. Therefore we have placed baiting towers at different locations to draw their attention to them. Despite this, the road up to they region of ice is still very dangerous. Okotoran brave enough to volunteer to assist in guarding these researchers and explorers may go out only then, to assist them in their safe return.


With the current VTP, there is not much capability to them. They can fly to the moon and back, but not much else. Thankfully, almost every night the first moon is directly overhead. They have quite the kick when they first take off, but those who have made the trip several times may not even notice it anymore.

Perhaps, in the future, there will be a machine even more powerful that can take us to other moons and, perhaps, other planets.


Sadly, there is no weaponry on the vehicles as of yet. Someday, there will be, though! Then we can eradicate the infesting Skull Spiders from our shores!


Something to remember is: A smaller world means less gravity. And several of the conditions of our home of Okoto will be quite different on the moon(s). The atmosphere, at least on the first moon, is in no condition for breathing in any way, so you will have to rely on the air tanks on your spacesuit. Perhaps, on some of the others, the atmosphere will be safe, but we will see.


Dimensional warping? What kind of madness is this? Yet some have suggested that, someday, we will be able to cross the plane of existence itself! What rubbish! Although, we cannot cross out the possibility of its occurence. Still, the idea is ridiculously absurd. I’ll wager the fur coat off my back that we’ll never even come close.

  1. Characters


Here’s where you make your characters. This is the basic character sheet, although as technology in the game progresses, the sheet will update as well as the descriptions of vehicles, technology, and etc.

Name: What is your name? What do you call yourself?

Gender: Boy, Girl, neither, both, or something else?

Element: Where did you come from? What element do you have?

Mask: What style of mask do you have?

Weapons: What do you use to fight with?

Appearance: What do you look like?

Personality: We’ve got good and bad traits. What are yours?

Bio: What was your life before the race to space? (this also includes if you joined the Dead of Kulta.)


These are the major NPCs, and more will be appearing later.

Name: Hokku

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Mask: Golden Fire mask of Unity

Weapons/Equipment: Hokku is armed with a very experimental firearm. Nobody knows what it does, and very few know it exists. Rumours suggest Velmes was the original creator of it. He also carries a variety of small knives inside his fur coat, which he is very good at throwing and fighting with. Along with Velmes, he is incredibly strong, much more so than any Okotoran.

Appearance/Powers: Squat, to some degree, crystalline formations across his chest, wide-set shoulders, and muscular hands. His whole appearance displays raw power. He is usually considered the nicer of the two brothers, based somewhat on Velmes’ bitterness.

Personality: In accordance with popular belief, he is gentle, loving, and kind, willing to display it on the outside instead of just by himself. Despite this, he is not very keen at making big decisions, and was often chastised by Makuta in the past for being too weak.

Bio: When he was born, he was separated from his brother, and sent to the fire region, as all born of the fire element are. He began his career as a carver, making statues and figures and such. Ekimu saw his great leadership capabilities, and he was advanced trough the ranks very quickly until he became a member of the council of four. He was finally reunited with his brother after many years, who was also chosen, and they worked together under Ekimu and Makuta’s guidance up until the Collapse.

Name: Muvoso

Gender: Male

Element: Stone

Mask: Mahiki

Weapons/Equipment: Muvoso has no weapons, at least none that are seen, although he tries to outwit every fight he finds himself in. He carries a large satchel, and wears a backpack, each filled with stone slates for writing notes on to remind him when he copies down proper information, along with a metal writing utensil.

Appearance/Abilities: When he was younger, Muvoso was much shorter in height, earning the name ‘Pigmy’. He is still of very miniature stature, but he is quite powerful despite his limitations. He has followed the mask makers all around Okoto, and over the years has become an incredibly adept runner, climber, hunter, marksman, and can handle the temperatures of each region as well as any Okotoran specific to that region.

Personality: He is intensely loyal to the mask makers, malicious towards anyone that speaks a word against them. He also tries very hard to be a leader of the people whenever he has to, which usually involves forcing some people to pay attention.

Bio: Muvoso was chosen by Ekimu to be the chronicler for the mask makers when he was very young, and was mostly raised by Ekimu as he grew up. Now he is one of the leaders of the island, in his prime, and usually in a position of zero pity for the villagers.

Name: Velmes

Gender: Male

Elelment: Ice

Mask: Golden Ice mask of Unity

Weapons/Equipment: Velmes is very powerful with hand-to-hand combat. He wears no cloak. He has several knives tucked away in his armour, which he is very good at throwing and fighting with. He is very skilled in almost any weapon type. Along with Hokku, he is incredibly strong, much more so than any other Okotoran.

Appearance/Powers: Squat, to some degree, crystalline formations across his chest, wide-set shoulders, and muscular hands. His whole appearance displays raw power. He is usually considered the more vicious of the two brothers, based somewhat on Hokku’s kindness.

Personality: Despite what his cohorts say to the public, he is snappy, harsh, and very strong-willed and stubborn. Despite this, he is a masterful calculator and planner, but was often chastised by Ekimu for being too unwilling to learn.

Bio: When he was born, he was separated from his brother, and sent to the ice region, as all born of the ice element are. He began his career as a public figure, organizing the reconstruction of the ice region after an attack by the Dead of Kulta. Makuta saw his great leadership capabilities, and he was advanced through the ranks very quickly until he became a member of the council of four. He was finally reunited with his brother after many years, who was also chosen, and they worked together under Ekimu and Makuta’s guidance up until the Collapse.

Name: Dessimus

Gender: Male

Element: Earth

Mask: Black Kraakhan

Weapons/Equipment: Dessimus is armoured in a very articulate suit of silver armour. The top hunch in the armour contains two tanks of air for potential space travel. He has a mechanical right hand, which is equipped with an unfolding blade, skeleton key, and small cord for choking.

Appearance/Powers: He is very tall, powerful-looking, and dark and sinister. Most of his body is covered in the silver armour, supposedly made of “the strongest steel in all of Kulta’s domain.” In reality, it is just normal steel.

Personality: He is hard and cold, sometimes colder than the ice region itself. His intentions are just and right, although he is responsible for several deaths. Rumours abound for the commoners; is Dessimus trying to destroy the Dead of Kulta? Is he trying to resurrect Kulta himself? or does he know of some dark secret in the island’s core? nobody knows for sure, and it might be possible that not even Dessimus knows…

Bio: Dessimus’ past is clouded in mystery. No-one is really aware of his history, but this very quiet gardener jumped to command after Messeck was executed.


These are the playable species and their specifics. So far only Okotoran are playable, but who knows what you might find on the other moons.


Fire: These Okotoran have a high tolerance of heat and a bitter hatred of cold. Many in their youth are taught to work with metals, others focused more on being physically capable.

Water: The water Okotoran have a deep connection with the sea and any large bodies of water. They tend to be better swimmers and were the first to discover the Skull Spiders.

Jungle: The Jungle Okotoran are excellent climbers, and the fastest on foot. They tend to have very athletic capabilities and some speak with an odd slang, mainly involving plants.

Earth: These Okotoran are the strongest and have better vision in the dark. Looks can be deceiving with them; even the scrawniest one is tougher than he appears.

Ice: The Okotoran of Ko-Koto have the most technology, most of which was destroyed in recent events. They have a high tolerance of cold and a bitter hatred of high heat.

Stone: The Okotoran of stone have no special traits, except their ability to control the odd, floating blocks in the Labyrinth of Control, which have not been found after the eruption.


These are the specific rules for this RPG. I still expect you to follow the on-site rules and respect the admin’s power at all times, although I’m making things a little harder here as well. Nothing straining on the site’s rules at all; if anything, they back them up.

A. No Swearing.

Yep, you heard me. No swearing at all. I expect this to be very well memorized and kept in order, so I’m going to say it again in bold print,

No Swearing,

so that you’re really without excuse. If I see any expletive in this I’m going to report the post to staff, and it’s going to count as a strike against you. Five strikes and you’re out; other things can count as strikes too, so play by the rules. Other things such as Karz, Brakas, Piraka, etc. are allowed.

B. Please keep to ‘IC’ and ‘OOC’ in posts, please

Yes, I want you to use IC (In-Character) when speaking in-character, and OOC (Out-Of-Character) when out-of-character, this should be easy to understand. You won’t need to do this in the Discussion topic.

C. No Bunnying, GodModding, Etc…

Okay, this may be a bit unfamiliar with some people. Bunnying is where you pull other player’s characters along and basically play them without the other player’s consent. GodModding is where you repeatedly perform the miraculous or impossible with your character simply because you want to, or you’re afraid of losing a fight, etc. If you think another player is being unfair in the game, or is violating one of the rules, bring it to the discussion topic, and do try to keep it civil.

D. Please keep character to your posts.

I’ve looked at some of the other RPs on this site, and they’re incredibly lacking in post quality. Most of them are one-sentence blurbs, such as:

Joe (placehold character) went inside.

And then what? I want to know what happened when Joe (placehold character) went inside! Did he sit down? did he get a drink? where is inside? So instead of saying that, I would say…

IC: Joe (You can include the location of the character after that, if you want)

Joe walked into the door and pushed it aside. A couple of thoughts tumbled through his head; he was quite uncertain of the situation at hand, but he decided to accept it anyway and move along.

He walked a couple of steps forwards and stood once more, eyeing the situation, expecting a potential outcome that might occur.

There, I have just said the exact same post, but with more meat to it; more life to what I’m trying to do. Keep this in mind, and you’ll be a good RPer in no time.


Do it or else. :stuck_out_tongue:


There will be questions here as they come up in discussion. In the meantime, here’s a few that I figured would be obvious.

Q: What’s this about a mask? Dessimus appears to have a G1 mask, and so does Muvoso; what’s with that?
A: I’m not limiting the masks to G2, although they are only in design. Masks with elements may come later, but we’ll see.

Q: What even is this “Dead of Kulta”?
A: Basically, the main evil organization of the game. This won’t stop you from creating your own group, though!

Q: When more technology is discovered, can we customize out ships?
A: The pods will eventually be replaced entirely with a new kind of vehicle, and customization will occur then. In the meantime, try your best to find as many resources as you can!

Refer to the Discussion topic for creating profiles, and for discussion about the game itself. Do not post in this topic unless you have a character approved by myself.

OOC: Yay! First post!

IC: Kyrlahni - Ko-Koto (Dwelling)

The first thing Kyrlahni noticed upon waking up in her cot was the same thing she was reminded of every morning since she had finally arrived in the region of ice; it was freaking cold.
For a while, she seriously considered simply rolling over onto her other side and burrowing herself deeper into the mound of hides she had used to cover herself the previous night in order to stay warm. Aside from venturing back out into the village and wandering around aimlessly or forcing herself to once again read through the books and documents she had managed to take with her for what seemed like the hundredth time, all in a futile attempt to find something that could potentially help them combat the Skull Spiders, there was literally no reason for her to get out of bed, and nothing stopping her from returning to the realm of dreams.
That is, until her stomach began to growl, causing her to let out a whimper of defeat.
“Son of a Brakas…,” she mumbled to herself, stretching out a little before finally letting her toes touch the floor.
Releasing some of her pent up ire by delivering a good, swift kick to her busted heat generator (she really needed to see someone about getting that fixed), only to scoff silently and quickly fix her mask upon realising that it had become crooked in her sleep thanks to the reflective nature of its metalic surface, she eventually made her way over to her makeshift fireplace, her blankets in tow as she picked up the nearby poker and began stoking the embers. Moments later, she found herself sitting before a full-fledged blaze, calmly treating herself to some leftovers from her previous meal, all the while trying to figure out how to best spend her day.
Weeks earlier, she had petitioned for monitored access to the safer chambers located within the Temple of Time, mostly to further her own research regarding the enemy currently at their doorstep… and her request had been flat-out denied. She had a feeling that Hokku and Velmes weren’t about to change their answer anytime soon, so that was no longer an option. A few sunrises ago, she volunteered to help guard the outer wall, which allowed her to observe the creatures directly from a relatively safe distance… until she accidentally tripped over a spear and sent an entire weapon rack falling over the edge and into the horde below, which very nearly succeeded in taking her with it. Needless to say, the others weren’t exactly pleased with this, and at the end of her ■■■■■, she was informed that her services would no longer be required. And as for yesterday’s fiasco? Well… let’s just say that she agreed to watch over somebody else’s shop while they ran out to perform an errand, only for a runaway cart full of smithing supplies to roll in out of nowhere and demolish half of the building.
Upon reflection, it was probably a good idea just to simply stay inside where nothing bad would happen… and that’s when she noticed that a stray ember had set one of the hides she had wrapped around herself on fire.
Flinging them all to the floor and quickly stomping it out, she proceeded to angrily douse the rest of the flames with her kettle before brandishing a knife, removing the damaged section, and tossing it amongst the ashes.
If it weren’t for those Karzing spiders, none of this would even be happening.
Her resolve renewed, she gathered up her belongings and prepared to venture out into the village square. She didn’t know exactly what awaited her out there today, but nonetheless, she needed to find something productive - anything at all, really - to channel her frustrations into in order to keep her mind at ease. And if it ended up helping her people rid themselves of their current arachnid infestation, then that was simply an added bonus.
Drawing back the interior flaps and pushing open her door, she shielded her eyes from the blinding light being reflected off of the snow, and took her first step into the unknown…

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OOC: @Timageness Welcome to the party, looks like you’re the first to be scooped up into events. Good luck!
IC -


Want it or not, Kyrlahni’s presence had attracted the attention of Muvoso. He didn’t speak to individuals much, and much less was he in a cheerful mood, so his starting a conversation had to be important if he was making enough of an effort to break from his usual routine to communicate with her. Or perhaps this was part of his usual routine, and something bigger was going on… Either way, ignoring this conversation would not be a wise idea.

He strode up with a grin and a hop to his step, not bothering to extend his hand as they were full, as usual. He uncomfortably shuffled the rock plates around in them as he spoke. “I’m glad I got to catch you before you went out today, miss Kyrlahni… Yes, that’s right.” He slid the plate he was looking for back into the stack in his hand.

“I hope you’re as excited as I am for the next expedition. Lord Hokku showed interest in having a researcher on board the first or second mission to study the orbiting moon, I would go myself but I’m busier than a Misken at dawn,” He blurted out a chuckle by accident and immediately conducted himself once more. “Either way, Lord Hokku would like to see you when it’s convenient…”

He leaned in slightly, bringing his honest, public speaker voice down to a whisper. “Don’t speak to Velmes, though. I don’t think I’ve seen him more volatile than today.”

“Busy day, and I’ve got to run,” He shuffled the strap on his shoulder around before taking off into the crowds, losing his happy demeanor and dropping into his usual business-like state of depressed anxiety mixed with soldier-like conduct. ‘Like to see you’ could mean anything from anytime you like to now or else, but maybe now wasn’t such a good time, if Velmes was really angry.

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IC: Kyrlahni - Ko-Koto (Village Streets)

“O-oh! Uh, th-thanks for the heads-up, Muvoso!”
Truth be told, the Chronicler’s sudden appearance had caught her completely off-guard. Gone was the funk that had been plaguing her mere seconds before, now replaced almost entirely with feelings of surprise and confusion. As she watched the Bo-Kotoran disappear into the crowd, she couldn’t help but wonder why Lord Hokku had wanted to see her of all people; surely there had to be someone more qualified to make such a journey.
Maybe he just wants to send someone from my former archaeological team, and he’s simply looking for a recomendation? Either that, or Velmes has finally convinced him that I do more harm than good, and they’re looking to kick me out of the village entirely…
And that brought her to her second concern; Velmes. It was bad enough that he almost didn’t allow her or the people she was originally escorting inside the walls back when they had first arrived, and that he had seemingly looked upon her with contempt ever since, but him being angry on top of all that, especially when the source of his current volatility might’ve possibly been herself? Needless to say, running into him, especially alone, was not something she happened to be looking forward to at all whatsoever. Unfortunately, however, her presence had been officially requested, which meant that she couldn’t just casually blow off the meeting either.
Making up her mind, Kyrlahni slowly shut the door behind her, fumbling around with her keys as she attempted to lock up. A moment later, and she was off to meet with Lord Hokku, secretly hoping that by some miracle, she’d be slow enough to avoid the majority of the fallout.

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Hokku was standing at the top of the stairs of the great Temple of Creation, talking in low tones with Velmes. The latter appeared to be in a state of great agitation, although it was impossible to tell what emotions were swirling through his mind. Before they had even noticed Kyrlahni she could overhear her name being mentioned - quite surprising, considering they had been talking in near silence up until then.

Velmes patted Hokku on the shoulder and went into the forge, the heat and comfort of the interior causing Hokku to shiver for a moment. He slightly jolted when he noticed Kyrlahni at the foot of the stairs.

“It was nice of you to come,” He said, slowly gliding down the stairs like some kind of sloth with that massive coat of his. “May I ask why you have chosen to speak with me?”

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IC: Kyrlahni - Ko-Koto (Temple of Creation - Entrance)

“M-Muvoso said that my presence had been requested?”
The Ga-Kotoran shivered a little under her cloak, but whether it was out of worry due to them mentioning her by name or simply because of the cold wasn’t entirely discernible.

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It took a minute for Hokku to process that string of information.

“Oh,” He said with some surprise. “Oh yes, I remember now.” He quickened his pace down the stairs and was aside Kyrlahni in an instant. “I figured that, before our brave adventurous explorers went on this incredible journey of theirs, they should have their transport inspected one final time by, someone in the scientific field of, research…”

It was so obvious he was avoiding saying something deliberate that you could practically taste it. “I know this is a hard request, but you’ve had to do worse… Would you meet me at the door of the Temple of Time? it’s the most subtle way to get around, and you can’t be seen walking through the Temple of Creation’s main doors.”

IC: Kyrlahni - Ko-Koto (Temple of Creation - Entrance)

“Uh… oh! I mean, sure, I guess…”
This had to be a ruse of some sort, obviously. Hokku knew she was a scholar. She had no business fiddling around with the inner workings of a transportation pod; that required an extensive background in engineering, which was well outside her area of expertise. Whatever he really wanted to speak to her about must’ve been extremely important if he was going through all the trouble of making sure nobody else would overhear their conversation, and bringing up the Temple of Time certainly did manage to pique her interest a bit…
Then again, she couldn’t entirely discount the possibility that this was merely a trap of some kind either. Luring her away to a secluded location would make it much easier for her to simply “disappear,” and with no witnesses (though she doubted they’d be of much help anyway, given her current bout of luck), Kyrlahni’s destiny could very well cause her to end up inside the rotting stomach of an undead or being “unintentionally” shot out into space for all she knew.
Fidgeting cautiously, the Ga-Kotoran nodded once again before trekking through the snow towards her intended destination. She didn’t expect Hokku to begin immediately following her there or anything; he was one of the village leaders, after all, and likely had other business to attend to in the meantime.


Hokku gave a slight bow - which was usually his way of saying thanks - and then immediately ascended the stairs and ended the Temple of Creation.

If she made it their fast she would notice Hokku was already there…

IC: Kyrlahni - Ko-Koto (Temple of Time - Entrance)

Eventually arriving at the entrance to the Temple of Time, Kyrlahni was somewhat perplexed as to how the village leader managed to get there before her, but ultimately thought better of bringing the matter to light.
“So, um, where’s this… “pod” that needs inspecting?,” she asked, deciding that it would be best to continue to play along, at least for now, anyway.


Hokku smiled. Then from within his coat he drew a simplistic flare launcher and fired it over the city.

The brilliant explosion of colour and light brought people running to the area it went off as if there was some actual trouble. Hokku himself simply watched until there was no-one else noticeably around.

“Come inside, won’t you?”

IC: Kyrlahni - Ko-Koto (Temple of Time - Entrance)

Watching for a moment as the flare trailed off across the sky, the Ga-Kotoran simply nodded once again and proceeded to follow Hokku inside, her cloak obscuring the fact that one of her hands was now resting against the hilt of the sword sheathed beneath it.
Maybe now he would actually inform her as to why she was here?


As Kyrlahni entered, she would notice a large pod-like structure in the middle of the room. She could hear some small amount of noise coming from inside the ancient city.

“This is the Vertical Transportation Pod.” Hokku stood gazing up at it for a moment, before refocusing his attention back onto Kyrlahni. “It is the final version of the space exploration vehicles that we have assembled. There are five others at the moment, and more being made.”

He glanced at her in a quizzical manner. “I believe you have perceived that I’m not asking you for an inspection committee. We would like you on the next flight to the closest moon for finding out what’s up there.”

He finally noticed where her hand was. “I know you’re definitely unsure whether or not this is a trustworthy expedition, so I give you this as proof.”

He held out a porous rock, incredibly shiny and almost glowing. “Rock found on the closest moon.” He grinned. “Velmes picked it up when he went there on expedition. See what you can find out about it.”

IC: Kyrlahni - Ko-Koto (Temple of Time - Interior)

The Ga-Kotoran honestly couldn’t figure out what had her flabbergasted even more; the fact that this seemed to be an actual legitimate expedition, that the village leaders were desperate enough to send themselves into space without so much as informing those they led, or that Hokku was under the impression that she was even qualified enough to board one of the pods herself.
“M-me? But why…?,” she asked, startled enough to not even notice that her hand was no longer anywhere near her hip. “S-surely there are others with far more experience at this sort of thing, and with much better track records…”
Granted, she was still more than willing to do her part to ensure the survival of her people, and would’ve gladly complied with the elder Okotoran’s wishes if he really thought that she was the right person for the job, but given how things had been going for her recently, her skepticism was quite understandable.

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“As far as track records go, there really aren’t.” He said. “Velmes may disagree, but you’ve had the most honest track record in your field that we can find.”

It was obvious he wasn’t talking about her scientific experience.

“To be honest, the real reason you’re being sent aside from being biased is because you’re expen-…”

You could practically see the word gripping at the inside of his throat and tugging at his veins. He turned away slowly with an act of resignation. “It’s… Hard to be this blunt about it. I usually let Velmes handle these things.”

“And I shall handle this one, then.” Velmes cut the tension and strode in from the back of the room. He had either found a way to hide in the room or he had come from the ancient city itself. “You have been selected for this task because of your peculiar disposition with the rest of the public - completely ignored. If anything happens to you, only a small select group of individuals will notice it. If you return, you have the option of either becoming a celebrity or slipping back into obscurity to avoid publicity.”

Hokku was mustering all his strength to glare at Velmes. The latter didn’t notice, it seemed. “We still need to find the rest of your crew, so you have a little while to think it over. Keep this strictly between us for now. After this is over you may tell whoever you wish.”

IC: Kyrlahni - Ko-Koto (Temple of Time - Interior)

Wow. Just… wow.
Falling silent for a moment after what was, quite possibly, the worst pep talk ever in recorded history, she immediately attempted to shake off both the comment and the ensuing feeling of depression that followed before eventually returning to the matter at hand.
“While the offer certainly is… tempting, to say the least, I still think you’re looking at the wrong person for this job,” she finally said, trying to ignore Velmes as best as she could and still coming off as a little offended. “With all due respect, scholars are far better suited for studying the past and applying what we learn to help better ourselves in the future. So unless this rock of yours was discovered near some ancient temple up there on the moon of all places, I really just don’t see how I can be of any help to you.”
Despite her reservations, however, the object did succeed in piquing her curiosity a bit. Not wanting to appear entirely unhelpful, she quickly searched her brain for an alternative solution.
“Perhaps sending it off to a mineralogist for study might yield the answers you seek?”

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Velmes angrily whirled on his heel and stalked away into the shadows of the room, likely to pout over Kyrlahni’s decision. Hokku seemed disappointed and at a loss for words, clutching the odd rock in indecision. He looked back at wherever Velmes was at before facing Kyrlahni again.

“A mineralogist wouldn’t find anything,” He said, “Because it’s a rock from Okoto.”

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IC: Kyrlahni - Ko-Koto (Temple of Time - Interior)

Nice going, Kyrlahni.
Might as well make him cry while you’re at it.
“I… I wasn’t trying to imply that I was unwilling to help out or anything,” she said, almost apologetically. “It’s just that… rocks aren’t exactly my area of expertise…”
She paused for a moment, hoping that he would cheer up a little.
“But if there’s even the smallest chance that it might help us drive back the Skull Spiders, then I’ll go.”
And then something suddenly dawned on her.
“W-when you said that it was from Okoto, did you mean that it was similar to the ones we have here, or…?”

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He did not seem visibly pleased. However, he appeared confused by Kyrlahni’s question and slowly glanced down at the rock.

“Oh, no no,” He said, forcing himself to smile for a moment as he looked back up. “No, the rock is most definitely Okoto material. Either somehow the moon rose out of the oceans into the heavens or the rock was propelled up there.”

Now he grinned. There was only one event which could have sent rocks to the moon, and he knew Kyrlahni knew what it was.

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IC: Kyrlahni - Ko-Koto (Temple of Time - Interior)

The Ga-Kotoran tried her best not to imagine the repercussions of an event capable of expelling a moon from the ocean, but nevertheless, her eyes lit up for a moment.
“You think it might be a piece of the Capitol City…? From where Ekimu fought Makuta?”

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