Frost-3E, the Bot from Kyrsto

A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.

Meet Frost-3E, a Model-3E robot assigned to the planet Krysto to assist the folks working there. Created for Exploration, Evacuation, and Extermination, safety is her #1 protocol.

One of the few aesthetics I tried to challenge myself with was to create a something where the hips and the shoulders were the same width. This was accomplished by using two of the small CCBS torsos linked together.

As a result of its construction, the model itself had some of the second torso and CCBS bones sticking out from the rear, so I converted it into a jump pack. Another challenge I gave myself was to use wheel pieces.

Because of how the hips are constructed, she can stand with her hip out - not very convincingly, mind you.

Here, she's just pointing, holding back her concussion cannon. Maybe she's warning about some hazardous terrain on this ice planet?

I built a stand for her even though she stands fine. I imagine this is how she was shipped before activation.

I'm not a fan of Ice Planet 2002, but I decided to give the colors and the overall aesthetics a shot.


Just some rebuilt six-shooters. Nothing complicated.


The head is creative but looks very bulky.

I like the jetpack, though the trans-orange on it seems out of place.

The gun is nice.

Build looks stable but also very cluttered.

The color scheme is busy, but I wouldn't say it's bad per say.

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I love her unquie and fierce look, she would be good for an exploratory mission.

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Nice! love them shooters!

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Thank you for the critique.


It was something I whipped up after being discontent with the Protector of Water's weapon. Glad to see someone else likes them!


I can't say I like the trans-red eye on Trans-orange face. I would have used a solid color for the face.

On the other hand it looks pretty good and the aesthetic is sound. The I-robot reference was cool too.

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is flabergasted at first sight

wow... she's gorgeous! Not sure about the armor or the simplicity(then again I sorta like it). It's stunning

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I'm glad you like it!

Simplicity was one of the things Ice Planet was known for. I tried to reflect that in this MOC.


I love the esthetic of ice planet and you did it wonderfully. Only thing I would change is the eye or the face color. Other than that +1.


Feet design is interesting

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I ship it.


I might reverse the colors on the head (Trans-orange 5-long and white 3-long shells). It was fairly difficult trying to get the right color distribution for the Ice Planet aesthetic! :smile:

Thanks! It's actually an old design that I've used on another MOC in the past.

So did her manufacturers!


This is one of the best CCBS robots I have ever seen! Well done

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D-dangit @Helioskrill...

...Say @Archer why don'tcha post more soon?


Thanks! It really means a lot to me!

I should, shouldn't I?


Just because:

Quickly whipped up a Blacktron II colorway since it also has white.


If only this was an hf set! I'd buy these if they were! Great job.

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Wow. That's actually a really nice way of conveying Blacktron.


If it was HF, she'd definitely be a hero! Thanks!

I really appreciate it! It's actually my favorite LEGO Space color scheme.