Frostburn the Hunter improved

Thanks for the suggestions, so here is a version with less broad shoulders and longer legs.


Not really enough updates to validate a full new topic…

…but the updates are good ones. He looks significantly less squat. He’s still incredibly cluttered from the back though, and the chest doesn’t really look all that good IMO.

Here’s yet another update, with a more bulky appearance due to the chest change you suggested, and a giant claw for no reason at all but to remove the giant mace drill.

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Not really sure that’s an improvement. It’s bulkier but adds open balljoints and doesn’t look much better to begin with. Still, it’s an improvement I guess.

Moved to the Lego Creations catagory. ~square

Still could certainly use some improvements, but better.

Getting better, I would suggest using standard CCBS shells instead I the skull villain arms.

Not bad. But, honestly, I prefer the breakout drone on the torso than that assembly.