Frostburn Toa of Ice and Fire

This is an old concept that has been revived with this revamp. I’m still not quite satisfied with it, but this is all that I can do for now.


Well done! A very smooth construction, and a build that evokes his elements quite well.

Very nice. I like the half and half concept your going for, though it seems more like an ice guy with a fire arm.

@Drahcir_Nosnevets Thanks for the comment!

@MaximusPrime Thanks for the comment! I think that’s what the concept was. I don’t really remember the story that I came up for this guy. It seems that from the earlier version of him that he was an ice character which had fire sprouting from random places on his body. That seemed like a weird aesthetic, so I centralized the fire to one arm for this version. Maybe he was experimented upon? I dunno. I can’t remember much about him for some reason.

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I love that giant glacier that’s just jutting out from his shoulder

Dang does this look good, I would say the back is a little bit too far back, but other than that this is really cool

Love it! Really nice aesthetic, and the elements really show here. My only complaints are that the ice spike on his right arm seems to be angled a little high and that the torso is a little chunky, but I love the elemental look and the fire arm is done nicely!

@Rockho Thanks! The asymmetry seems to work well here

@Asriel Thank you for commenting! I agree now that I look at it again. That will be something I’ll fix soon.

@PakariNation99 He is supposed to be pretty bulky. The spike can be adjusted easily enough. Thanks for the Feedback!


Toa of Fire and Ice? Wouldn’t that just be water?:imp:


ice and fire!!! que game of thrones music!

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The moc as a whole is nice, the arms are questionable and while the torso is unique, the “stomach” and the back shell are gappy.

@Square Thanks for the feeback. I’m not extremely happy with the torso myself. This is the best that I could manage without taking apart other mocs.

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I love how you did that icicle on the arm.

@Darknova3529 Thanks! Those were some peices that I’ve wanted to use for a long while.

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I love it, but if your going to make a toa of two elements, balance them out than just adding a fire arm. Everything is smooth. It looks like an actual bionicle set!

@S0uped_up Thanks for the comment! I can’t remember fully, but there was a reason for his dual abilities. It’s an old concept that I revived to see how it would be now. I was trying to make it look like the fire was sprouting out from cracks in the ice, but that wasn’t attained well. Hopefully the eventually updated version of it will be better.