Funniest quotes from Bionicle stories

Title says it all, what do you think are the funniest quotes from the Bionicle stories? I’ll start of with a simple one from Federation of Fear:

Vezon looked from the massive, chained form of the dragon-like beast to his partners, then back at the dragon, then over to Brutaka. He opened his mouth to speak, but Brutaka cut him off.

“Don’t say it,” said Brutaka.

“We’re going to need --” Vezon began.

“A bigger boat. I know,” Brutaka said.


There is one in the 04 Bionicle books between Onewa and Vakama iirc, I’ll post it if I find it again. I think it was in the same book as the rahi that change its material composition based on the material it touches

edit: here it is

Vakama and Nuhrii had caught up now. “What’s going on?” asked the Toa of Fire.

“A little problem,” said Onewa.

“A big problem,” corrected Ahkmou.

Also this a bit further down on that page made me chuckle a bit:

“We’re not in your metru, Vakama. Fire’s not the answer to everything,” Onewa said sharply. “Tunnelers absorb whatever power you throw at them. We’ve gone from a menace to a catastrophe.”


“Where are we going? Why are we going? Are we going at all, or just sailing in a big circle? Or is it a spiral? I went down a spiral once: a big stone tunnel that went down and down and down, and ended in Zyglak. Whoever built it had no decorating sense at all. And you still haven’t answered any of my one-hundred ten questions, or my follow ups.”
Vezon, Destiny War.
I like to quote that one while traveling, see how far I get before someone yells at me


Oh yes, that would work out just fine. Come to think of it, pretty much all of Vezon quotes could be perfect for a game of dare: how far can you go before someone shuts you up? :joy:


Always liked that one (Pohatu and Takanuva):
He looked me up and down for a moment, before saying, “I can’t say I think much of the color change.”

“You should talk,” I replied. “You’re orange.”

“Yeah, but I wear it well,” said Pohatu, with a grin.

And basically anything from Vezon of course.


Vezon is pretty much always a win, as pretty much everyone in the thread has mentioned, but this is one of my favorites.

“My name is… ah… Toa Vezon,” he said, loud enough for all the Toa to hear. “I’m the Toa of… of… Anarchy.” (Reign of Shadows)

It’s just so funny to me that “Anarchy” was the first thing that came to mind


“But destiny, for whatever reason, gave me this mask. There has to be a reason for that.”
“Destiny has a sense of humor?”
“I think I am supposed to have it. I’m not going to give it up yet. Besides, flying’s kind of fun.”
“Wonderful. They can deep-carve that on our memorial stones — ‘But at least Nuparu had fun.’”
The dialogue between Nuparu and Kongu in Power Play.

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this one is a favorite of mine, don’t remember exactly which 06 book it’s from.

Kopaka Nuva extended the telescopic
lense in his mask, “East,” he said. “Torches.
Matoran, I think, though they look different from
the ones we know. And what appears to be an active volcano.”
“Then we start looking for the Mask of Life
there,” Tahu Nuva announced.
“Why?” asked Gali.
“Don’t you know?” Tahu replied, chuckling.
“True treasures are always found near lava.
Look at me.”


I think it’s from Island of doom

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