Funny TF2 Animations

I’m sure that no matter who you are, you’ve seen at least one of these things. So lets talk about them. What are your favorites? Also, I’m putting a swearing warning here, as its not really all TF2 animations, but its often enough that I think I should put it in the topic.

Let’s climb a tree is one of my favorites. Not a big fan of these, but that one made me laugh really hard

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Perfect usage of Sandvich Parade.

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Don’t think I’ve seen that one. I’ll have to look it up when I can.

My current favorite.


Here’s my favorite. (Minor swear warning)

This is one of my favorites (contains a bit of violence, but that is to be expected with these)


And of course, who could ever forget.


I only remember the Gmodsters and other weird stuff in Gmods.

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Eltorro64Rus. All of it.

But if I had to pick a certain one;


respectable opinion

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Meet the Pyro, before there was Meet the Pyro (contains: mild language and dank memes).

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forget mattpat, now this is the Overwatch vs. TF2 that we deserve!


I watched this last night and I love it.

Also this.

I know it isn’t an animation per say, but it’s still really funny

Edited For Language - BioKnight

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now this is the most funniest and grosses video that Winglet made (Waring: Mild Language and Themes, Contains Blood, and… well, pee)

and while it’s not really a Animation, it’s still funny and it’s kind of a Animation, so I’m putting it here

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