Furion, Turaga Of Light

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Cool little dude. HF feet work surprisingly well.

Though it would make more sense to wield the crossbow with two hands; maybe by adding some technic pieces to weapon (I doubt that he could lift that thing one-handed IRL). Plus, he could have his staff/badge of office stored on his back if you don’t want to part with it (and it would look cool)


Furion although in his old age also is still very muscular (agorian are stronger than maroran or agori making their toa and turaga counterparts much stronger)


  • Color Scheme is horrendous
  • The Keetorange Onua Mistika chestplate looks out of place
  • Feet are too large
  • Arms are asymmetrical, an unneeded look
  • Staff is too short

I would give this MOC a 2/10.
He doesn’t look good at all in my opinion, even for a Turaga. With a terrible color scheme, a strange look, and unnecessary weaponry, you might want to scrap him and start over.


(P.S. I am extremely sorry that this review was negative and pretty blunt. Also, why didn’t you post this to just the BNK MOC Topic and not make it its very own topic?)



[quote=“BNKHawaii, post:1, topic:11790”]
the being of all death

as for the moc,
what @PluralLego said, though I think this could make a neat matoran.


So why is the color scheme bad? Toa ignika anyone, this guy has the exact same one.

He technically doesn’t. Ignika had Silver, Keetorange, and Black, while this one has a Silver, Gray, Keetorange, Brown, and Black color scheme. Also, Ignika’s colors were evenly distributed, while this MOC has one brown piece and one Keetorange piece.

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Ok the brown’s bad but the rest is fine. And didn’t ignika have gray legs?

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No, they were Black, Keetorange, and Silver.

Also, the chestplate on the MOC is the only piece of Keetorange on the entire thing, meaning it is pretty inconsistent.

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What else keetorange could he put on such a small moc? The keetorange is the accent while gray/silver is the primary, and the brown is just… Bad. This moc would work without it.


seeing how they are already overly large, the feet could have been keetorange, as with the hands.

I will agree with you there, just add in black :wink: . It’s just your accent color should not just be one piece. In other words, he doesn’t have any color distribution.

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I think that maybe adding keetorange in the feet that indeed of the gray hands, use keetorange.

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Honestly, if the brown arm was grey and the hands were the same colour I’d say this was a pretty smashing Turaga.

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I like it. It actually works for me.

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This is really cool and creative!


Needs a consistent color scheme.

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Couldnt find the right color pieces ill post new pics as soon as i can find the right pieces

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make the right arm like his left, and then he will look awesome!

love the badge of office!

Its like a chibi version of Takanuva… :3


There’s a KeetOrange Bohrok arm out there that could replace the brown arm.

Came from a Visorak.