Furizán. The Furious One.

Battlefield warrior who fights with the fury of a thousand erupting volcanoes.

I painted the chest piece myself, because Lego doesn’t make that piece in orange. It doesn’t match exactly. But it’s pretty close.

Axe on back



Oh my

is that a custom torso

its beautiful

i really love this. actually my favorite moc of yours

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Thanks dude. No custom torso though. Just the largest size ccbs torso.

And I think this is one of my favorites that I’ve ever made as well. In person it’s just so wicked looking sitting on my shelf.

ah, it looks great. im just gonna refer to you as the ccbs wizard from now on

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That he is.

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sniff sniff

I smell a BOOTLEG

Other than that it’s pretty nice.Definitely a step up from your usual builds.

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Actually I don’t think there are any bootleg parts on this one. Can you spot any? All my parts are mixed together, so sometimes I don’t even realize when there are bootleg parts or not.


The red CCBS shells. And either that chest is bootleg or painted.

he stated he painted that and im positive there was a set which that came in


None yet. The only time red CBS shells have shown up in a LEGO set is Boba Fett, and they’re smaller than that.

The red ccbs shells are from Chi Worriz.


That was my first ever CCBS set. I was looking for a toy line to replace the immortal Xevoz. I was searching for them on Amazon, but couldn’t find any. Instead Amazon recommended Chi Worriz, the Eagle, and the Lion in the search results. I bought all 3 of them immediately.

That was the moment that started me in the MOC hobby. I went from collecting Chi to HF to Bionicle. Taking them apart and rebuilding my own was just the natural progression of collecting.

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Well. Consider me bested. I didn’t even know those existed.

Nah dude. Nobody’s besting anyone out here. It’s just a message board.

But yeah those sets were awesome. The wings on the bird ones were terrible. But other than that, they were a perfect application of the CCBS concept.

His knee pads are pretty wide, but it suits him. Nice work.


Thanks. I was going for a sort of samurai look with the baggy pants and skinnier lower legs.

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Awesome moc! [quote=“BlackboltJohnson, post:1, topic:42480”]
warrior who fights with the fury of a thousand erupting volcanoes.
[/quote] That is one epic sentence.

I believe those pieces were also in the Hulkbuster set.


Wow. Very nice! But try to put more black into it. 9/10