Future Lego Movies?

What ideas do you have for future Lego Movies?

The Lego Movie and Lego Batman Movie were great, and the Ninjago Movie looks awesome so far, so what other films could they make?

What sets and minifigure would there be too?

If I were to choose, I’d have a Johnny Thunder movie!


I would like to se a power miners movie would be nice

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I do want a bionicle movie, actually toy accurate instead of the, you know, biomechanical stuff we got back then


Nexo Knights might be possible, however I don’t think the line is selling all too well and the reception that I see is around the okay to good range, but I am interested in seeing how that plays out.

I do wish that we would get a BIONICLE movie that’s it’s own quirky LEGO style universe in a System setting, not like a retelling of G1 or G2 that others have proposed. Still, it’s only a wish, because I’d be dead before LEGO reconsiders BIONICLE again.

A LEGO Star Wars movie is definitely a possibility, it’s been a seller for ages, and LEGO has the ability to make a movie about it whenever they please. I wouldn’t exactly know what the movie could entail, as I’m not a huge Star Wars fan.

Let’s also not forget all the sequel films.


LEGO Pirates movie- a basely a parody of every Pirate movie come before it, with Captain Redbeard as the main character.

LEGO Castle Movie- See Pirates above.

LEGO Spider-Man Movie- Well since it’s very possible like with the LEGO Batman Movie did parody everything Batman-related, some might happen to Spider-Man with some jokes about Marvel can’t get rights to all there’s characters to surprise voices to the characters like Stephen Colbert as Captain America.

LEGO BIONICLE Movie- With almost all a BIONICLE Movie could be a mix of G1 and G2 with Parody of Action-Fantasy genre.


A lego halo movie

Itd be great

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Lego Johnny Thunder Movie. They need to popularise the oriential and oxidental adventures of unique and wonderous civilizations. They could connect that line with Pharaohs Quest, Atlantis, and more.


A lego Space movie where everything just runs perfectly contrary to every spce movie trope ever. Kill the main character, let the alien win, whatever. And give me some of that sweet CS logo everywhere.


I’d like to see a Lego Scooby-Doo movie. Scooby-Doo is such an iconic part of pop culture, and I think it would be neat to see how they tackled it. The main issue is Scooby, who currently only exists as a largely static piece of plastic. That could make animation a little bit tricky.


The Lego Scooby Doo X WWE X Batman Movie


I searched up a lot to find this topic, but it appears that it was never made before. I was a little surprised. I know there are topics about LEGO movies, but I could not find anything specifically about this.

So, if you could, what LEGO Movie would you do? Other the the LEGO Movie, we got The LEGO Batman movie, The LEGO Ninjago movie and the upcoming LEGO Movie 2 . But that is not enough for us, long time LEGO fans.
If I could, I would do a LEGO Hero Factory movie. It was a great line, and it deserves a movie. If they made it it could have been a great movie, as long as they didn’t changed it too much from the episodes (probably this is the reason The LEGO Ninjago movie didn’t perform as well as the other two movies)
So, if you could, what LEGO Movie would you do?

I would do a Lego Avengers movie and a spin off with the Lego Batman movie. I find this idea interesting.

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Obvious answer here, but a Gen 1 Bionicle Movie has so much potential. One could cover the Mata Nui arc, Ignition, or even an offshoot story from the main narrative. I should also say that the style would ideally be different from the real Lego movies, which is to say more serious and with a different atmosphere and visual style.

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Obviously a Bionicle movie. I think we’ve already had plenty of ideas for those. But I’d do a trilogy of Adventurers movies.

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LEGO Knights Kingdom, LEGO Exo Force, or LEGO Agents.

I think Agents especially could be a great spy movie parody film.

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Okay, so Bionicle is the obvious answer, but I’d also like to see something like Atlantis or Power Miners. Maybe even a space theme like Space Police.

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the other waves of bionicle into movies

I would love to see a Lego Child’s play movie.

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What do you mean by that?

You know, the horror movie Saw. The one where these people are trapped in these rooms and are forced to do horrible things to stay alive, like killing someone who has the key to your trap inside of him. It would make a great Lego film!

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