Future-Past High Stakes Cashgrab Get Rich Quick Scheme of Ultimate Destruction 3000 (The Sign up)

A Bunch of idiots, working for the local mob boss, were tasked with delivering a suitcase to the other side of town. Turns out the Case had twenty grand in it, and the idiots took the cash and ran. Now it’s your job to get the cash, using whatever means necessary.

Rules: Anything goes.


Interesting. I’ll make a character soon.

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I honestly thought more people would be into this. =P


I am.

Name: Mokuzai Oakley
Race: Human
Age: 22
Items: A pew pew pow pow gun. A puppet. A voice
Bio: A guy who works at a woodshop. He’s looking for some side cash.

I mean anything goes. Might as well go for a smol bio

Anything does go. Have fun if more people decide to join.