Futuristic Tank

Well I am about to trash this (disassemble, not literally throw it away) thing and I didn't want it to go unnoticed.

Same story with the lighting, It sucks, Ik.


Looks a bit too boxy/square


I like the style of it, I just think some treads would be a nice touch other than that it's alright.

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It's gray, and boxy, but it still looks pretty cool.

Moved to Lego Creationssss

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The little cube thingies on the corners were supposed to be some levitation technology.

Also, this thing is destroyed now, so there will be no treads.

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Xd ok then, still good job on this moc mang.

I feel there's no need to critique, but here I go anyways
2 things
-a way to get inside and outside the tank, could've been purely for show
-trans for levitation energy

looks kinda like a more square scorpion tank

Treads would look silly on a hover tank. It needs some kind of transparent levitation apparatus where treads would normally be.

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Ya I thought hover tank as soon as I saw this, if it had blue or something to show its hovering I think the whole like would come together.

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Yeah... This thing is gone now...

Looks great!