G.H.O.S.T. Unit

G.H.O.S.T. Unit (Galactic Humanoid Optimized for Sabotage and Terror). A frightening android deployed by nefarious entities to wreak havoc and destruction in vulnerable places. Destabilization and panic are usually its primary objectives. And maybe a little light assassination on the side.

EMP blast provides electronic/digital disruption over a wide area or at focused targets. Diamond tipped saw-sword rips through hard targets with incredible speed and efficiency.

(Saw-sword blade is a 3D printed piece from Shapeways painted with Citadel brand paints. For the EMP blast effect I used a free website called Pixlr.)

Wide area EMP blast

Cool down


Focused EMP shot

Acquiring target

Charging again


Prisma (coming soon)


This looks great as always.

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EEEEEK! The color scheme is so COOL! I mean, it’s got purple, so of course I love it. This guy looks great! Especially the weapons!

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and @TheMOCingbird, thanks! I know that Hero Factory parts aren’t the most beloved on this board. But some of them can look really great mixed in with G1 and CCBS.



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Nice, clean, good color scheming… And by Hans Zimmer, those feet!

Dat technique tho

Good stuff.


Thanks Ven and @Leoxander. This guy looks really good in person. I think I’m going to display him on my shelf for awhile.