G Ultra Mech V5

G Ultra Mech V5 answers the question, “How many hidden weapons can a giant LEGO robot have?”

With 7813 pieces and over 65 cms in height, G Ultra Mech V5 is a massive armed-to-the-teeth mech, with around 800 visible and hidden weapons. The variety of weapons includes lasers, plasma cannons, missiles, turrets, sonic cannons, rockets, gatling-guns, super lasers, railguns, ion shotguns, grenade launchers, an Ultra Super Laser, and a giant chainsaw.

All powered by a reactor located above the cockpit

Despite its immense size, G Ultra Mech V5 has forwards/backwards posability in both hips, knees and ankles, side to side posability in the shoulders, and up and down posability in the elbows. Left hand is fully articulated and can transform into a gatling-gun. Due to the LDD programming unwilling to bend the joints properly, I am unable to showcase other poses.

The shoulders of the mech can spread out into two fully armed weapons platforms, with 3 turrets each. Underneath the cockpit is a sliding mechanism for extra weapons.

The cockpit of the mech can be removed by pushing two grey pins on the back.

The wings can fold backwards and align together with the eightsided Ultra Super Laser.

On the back of the mech, underneath the Ultra Super Laser, is storage room for 8 blasters, 4 adamantium katanas, two flaming plasma swords, and a mobile walker/wingsuit for the pilot.

The four-armed mechanical pilot is able to wield up to 8 weapons at once.

Edit: Decided to upgrade the left hand to be more in scale with the rest of the build, and to have a more of a multipurpose feel to it.
It still functions as a Gatling-gun, but with longer barrel.

Instead of a hand it becomes a grabbing claw.

That can also function as an energy weapon.

Finally, the claw can form into three smaller ones, in order to take care of more delicate operations.


Wow. This is something else! Amazing work.

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Thank you ^^

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While I don’t think it looks great, you did definitely answer the question, so good job with that.

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Goodness, that’s pretty epic!

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You’ve certainly answered the question yes, looking at the build, the minifigure is great, the mech’s colours are great. Construction is a bit tedious in some places, a bit blocky in others, I think you’ve nailed the arms and legs, the hand is a bit odd but a good design.

Overall not great but for it’s size you’ve certainly done well.

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Thanks for the feedback, decided to upgrade the hand into something more fitting of the mech.

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You can use the exo-force friction pieces or ball joint system pieces to make a fist.

That would be too big and cause problems with the fully armed mode. Right now the hand fits snugly so that all weapons can be used at once, while the hand is properly sized.

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