G1 Grimlock

My first attempt at a Lego G1 Grimlock.

Dino mode.

From behind.

(It’s an album, click it to view all the pictures.)

Robot mode

From the side

From behind

Next to swoop.


Very cute, I love the build :slight_smile:

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I like the robot mode a lot, and the dino mode looks greater! The only things that really looks kind of weird are the arms and the tail.

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me grimlock say dino doesn’t have big tail

me grimlock say this good

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Really digging that robot mode.

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Keep it up, man.

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Well, he’s got sort of a FoC thing going on with the tail bulk , but grimlock is well represented.

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oh my god it’s so cute and awesome

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As a Grimlock Fan, this makes me happy maybe ever better than Kre-o’s Huge Grimlock.

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love it, keep it up m8

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This is awesome, fantastic job! :slight_smile:

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The size of his alt-mode arms are hilarious :joy:

In all seriousness, this is really cool, I love the design of this MOC!


10/10 better than TF5 AoE

edit: I know it’s TF4

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The dino mode suffers from the blockiness of the Lego brick, but he rocks the robit mode.

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AoE was TF4.


I reminded myself “It’s TF4 Xevy.” what do you know? I said TF5 again.

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This is great, except for the gappy hip when viewed from the side. Great job!

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A little wonky proportions, but overall, a good Grimlock.


EDIT: Also, for some constructive criticism, the lower legs look quite thin and flimsy. They should be the same thickness, if not thicker than the thighs.
And from the side, those proportions do not help him.

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