G1 History at the LEGO House in Billund?

So, the anxiously anticipated LEGO House is officially open to the public today in Billund. Back in mid-2015, Faber jumped on his personal blog that he uses to discuss anything of relevance to himself and posted an entry that pretty specifically implicated that there will be a decent amount of late 1990’s and early 2000’s G1 memorabilia and concepts on display there. From the original post:

“The phonecall confirmed that Bionicle will have a prominent place in that history since it was the “The toy that saved LEGO” (quote from J∅rgen Vig Knudstorp) and suddenly all my Turaga beach crates full of old sketches gets interest.”

As it is, I think that we saw a brief glimpse of a display featuring the Toa Mata back in 2016; is anyone aware of what else is down there? Heck, does anyone know a fellow who’s going?



Hope this turns out true

I mean, we know for a fact that there is a G1 presence there from the Toa Mata display that was photographed there in 2016; it’s just a matter of what.