Like the title says, for the time being, I won’t be selling anything as of yet; this is simply testing the waters to see if anyone would actually be interested and getting the finer details sorted.

But yes, as some may know, I’ve made quite a collection of Matoran in G2/CCBS form, and seeing if anyone would be interested in buying any; duplicates can be made, so should be able to make more than one, within reason.

A few examples;



Uh, heck yes I’d be willing to buy any of these guys! (Probably won’t be able to buy anything for a little bit though at current times.)

What do you think your base prices would be around, and where do you operate? Canada? US? For shipping purposes of course. (I mean, I’m still probably going to end up going temporarily insane and end up trying to order both the Chronicler’s company and Jaller’s group no matter the price. (And with a high chance of also including 3 specific others… maybe 4… maybe.))

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Based in the UK, so shipping to the likes of the US, Canada, etc would be a bit on the expensive side.

As for base price, still trying to get a good estimate on what works on both ends; taking into consideration sourcing the parts, some of which are harder to find for a good price than others. But I was thinking…maybe $15-16 base? Maybe a bit less, maybe a bit more depending on what parts/masks are required.

But still very much in the works.

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A’ight, sounds good so far. Reasonable issues for determining price. A fair sounding base price estimation. Shipping will be… fun… Gonna have to save up for a bit though, but, meh. Was going t’ do that anyways.

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And combo deals could be a thing, should people want a group/number of them.

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Ey, even better then! (Especially considering that I already know what my insanity is going to end up leading to.)

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I’ve seen each of these over on Reddit and overall each and every one has turned out very unique. Having them all together also shows how they compliment eachoher as a group.



Looking to sell some of these G2 Matoran. Prices can vary from character to character, masks being used, rarity of pieces, etc. Prices can be negotiated, offers on bundles.

Only one of each character so far, but if popular enough, some may return to being on offer.


I can only identify Nuparu, Jaller, Agni, and Nuhrii

There is also Damek and Zemya


Dang those masks look pretty good in those colours, did you paint them, if so, great job


That orange mask of Earth actually looks legit, nicely done.

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