G1 Optimus Prime 2.0


The second version of my large scale Optimus prime, with some pretty serious upgrades.


Alt Mode:

From the front the clearest update is the taller bumper.

The back half of the truck is considerably lower and looks much more realistic.

With a minifig.

With the only other land vehicle I currently have built in this scale, (most of) Batlletrap.
I think it’s a fine scale.

Start with the classic optimus arm fold out.

Bring the arms up, readjusting the elbows and smokestcks, and folding out the hands.

Fold the bumper in half.

fold each half back/down.

Fold each half up and under the windshield.

Slide them back and fold the grill.

Fold the back of the truck forward.

Spin the waist around 180 degrees.

Split the legs, fold the feet out and flip the wheels in.

Fold out the head and bring the arms down.

Rotate the wheels to be higher on the back.
then spin the head around.

Robot mode:

With the other two G1 bots I have built currently.

With a Minifig and a little sneak peak of my next creation.


Windows could look a bit more obvious, but great job!


Awesome…I always loved these great transformations! Well, this is very well done! I’d love some instructions for these!