G2 Bionicle's End (evidence that supports it)

So I made this topic to discuss evidence (like such seen in the TTV podcast) of G2 Bionicle’s end (I did not find a topic similar to this, but correct me if I am wrong)

So here’s a good piece of evidence:

You know Bionicle is ending when it doesn’t even show up when searching for Lego products on Target.com

So, what evidence can you find?


The fact that Lego story themes end after three years.


My jimmies are rustled by LEGO’s absolute idiocy.


Well, you know, maybe Target just doesn’t sell Bionicle too much.


I also blame 60% on the fans who blatantly refused to follow this generation and split the community. Thank you for ruining the only chance Bionicle will get of a reboot, a third after this will most likely not happen.


The fact that there are only three medium villains this summer is a big red flag.


I think the third graphic novel being cancelled supports this (It was cancelled, right?)

Also, I think that if G2 does end, people are gonna go on all of the pirated videos of JTO and blame them for them.

In all honesty I know this was gonna happen sooner or later. As it was stated in Age of Ultron: “Nothing lasts forever”

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TBH, while I hate blaming others for something as big as this, I just can’t disregard it as a factor. The overall atmosphere this time around has been decidedly more negative, and while I wouldn’t go as high as 60%, I wouldn’t absolve the community either. We have a big impact, and I think our division has contributed to this perception of an “approaching end,” a perception which, if held by enough people, may come true.

Ryder Windham said that he knew of no plans for a third GN, so either it was canceled before they told him, or it was never going to happen at all. It may just be a mistake on the retailers’ parts…

There are only three villains, but the amount of medium sets is still the same, four. Ekimu took the fourth spot.


But something is not beautiful because it lasts.


But that’s one retailer out of the number of stores that sell LEGO products…

But this is supposed to be evidence for, huh?

I’m not in that club, but I’ll just say the major lack of marketing and LEGO press coverage.


And yet you can still search “Bionicle” and you find them selling the sets, including the 2016 sets. Plus the graphic novels. Sure it was removed, but I don’t see that as the end of BIONICLE. If anything it’s not selling well enough online for Target.

Plus, this is just Target.

It’s still on the Toys R Us website.


All-in-all, I feel we’re over-reacting a bit.


while i agree that there has been much negativity, the fans cannot really be put at fault for something like this. It is the job of the company to create a product that can be enjoyed without effort, as opposed to the fans for not wanting to purchase something they dont support. I mean, the fanbase isn’t obligated to like the reboot or spend money on it. (Though I do, and have.)


If people don’t like something, why should they follow it?


That’s true. I just find it really annoying that Target would rather put up Lego Pirates or Jurassic World (two themes that I think are pretty much dead) than Bionicle.

Also, can you find the summer Bionicle 2016 sets, because I can’t.:confused:


They’re most definitely there.


I meant like Storm beast, Lava beast, etc.

Those sets in that picture that you posted do come up for me, just not the summer wave (nor does the summer wave come up when I search in toysRus) (I’m just wondering because I see people on the internet already with the summer wave).

They’ll probably put it up in June. They’re technically not supposed to be out yet.


Makes sense. Thanks for your opinion!
(The TTV breaking news about how you could order them from ToysRUs had me excited, so I was wondering :grinning:)

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It’s actually the same amount of overall sets so that really doesn’t mean anything.

Well, how many other sites have you checked?