G2 Boxor

Once a former mining drone, Nuparu has outfitted this mech suit to fight off rogue Shadow creatures left after the departure of the Toa. Armed with punching feature design to shatter any of these Elemental Beasts’ corrupted masks, Nuparu is ready to fight to keep Okoto at peace.

A passion project brought to life. After countless redesigns and community feedback, I’m finally happy with this nostalgic mech suit. In case anyone is brave enough to try it, I’ve got instructions planned. The cockpit is designed for anyone with Protector feet to attach, but its open for modification. Comments and criticisms are always appreciated.

Okotan Inika and Onepu are based and inspired by BobtheDoctor27 on Tumblr
Gearbox used is lifted from Quake Beast Proof of Concept by @LoganMcOwen
G2 Ussal Crab was inspired by @Sparky

More photos:


Would definitely like to get a closer look at the build on this. Looks amazing!

one of the better looking ccbs boxors, nice job my dude

Very nice, I love the look.

Sweet painted mask! And the moc looks pretty good too! Maybe just a little more orange in the arms. 9/10

This is great! Wow.

This is amazing. I absolutely love the hands and arms.

Amazing! Really like the shaping

This is amazing, the whole thing is great.

Super slick! You’ve managed to capture a nice, chunky frame that really is reminiscent od some sort of heavy-duty mining mech. Love those hydraulic ram-looking lower arms. Looks like they pack quite a punch (pun intended). Your Nuparu build is great as well.

All that being said, your pictures look a bit hazy and desaturated. What type of camera are you using currently? It may be possible to play around with the settings in order to get a sharper image and more vibrant colours.


This is fantastic. Great shaping.