G2 Kongu + Lewa (MOV)

My rendition of Kongu as an Okotan villager. Heavily inspired by the BobtheDoctor G2 Matoran. I’m currently waiting for my second Lewa Uniter torso shell, so here’s a picture with my Distorted Destiny Lewa Moc instead.


The paint mask does look ok but I think it’s slightly darker than the bone pieces
But it’s fairly decent overall

He looks really cool, I love the torso design.

Aww, kongu is kinda cute coz hes so smol :3

Simplified Title, and great job on that painted mask! - TOM

Impressive, I love how the paint job was executed.

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Nice revamps. Really captures the feel of G2 and G1 together

Looking pretty darn good, especially with the torso and it’s “parachute” construction. I’d say it’s well, but simply, done. BobtheDoctor27’s influence rubbed off on you well.

It looks really nice, and the colour scheme is great.
Really reminds me of the original.

matoran kongu’s color scheme is lime and turquoise
this is light blue

Medium azure joints are the closest while still being with in the realm of CCBS bones. I tried to make an homage to that by painting his mask Turquoise though.

How do you connect stud to his chest anyway

Illegal use of super glue.

You can use some play dough or something…

Money was getting tight and I didn’t have that around. Good advice though, I’ll make sure to use it in the future if I make some protector mics in the future or something.

Kongu’s mask is painted, right?

That mask was never released in that color so either it is a well-done 3D print or it was painted.

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it was painted

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