G2 Kopaka Reimagining

I was bored so I made a moc

No real story here, I just kinda wanted to make a Kopaka moc but apocalypse like.


I gotta say, that’s a pretty cool moc.

I like the parts usage.


You know, there are those MOC’s that don’t look impressive at the first glance, but the more you look at them, the more you get to appreciate the creative building techniques, part usages and other good stuff. Unfortunately, this MOC is the opposite to that…

As soon as I saw it, the cool shoulder spikes, the cape, the peg leg, pretty well-balanced colour scheme and generally good shaping caught my attention.

And then I looked more into it… and that’s where the problems started appearing. While the upper body is quite well-built, the legs are a mishmash of pieces, almost like you were building them in a hurry. Another problem that I’d like to address is that the MOC seems to have joints where they shouldn’t be and lacks them where they are meant to be.
For example, what is this supposed to do:

And it looks like the elbow of the sword-wielding arm can’t bend like normal elbows should.

Hopefully, that wasn’t too harsh of a critique.

Verdict: a cool-looking Kopaka with joint problems. 7/10

(Edit: I just realised that I used the word “cool” describing Kopaka twice. Now I’m dying inside.)


It’s nice. the peg-leg is cool, though i’m not sure about the triple joints.

@Rukah thanks!

@NOTaHFfan thank you for the critique. The joint that you had circled was made not for articulation purposes, but to connect the system piece to the constraction one. As you had said, the sword arm cannot bend like a normal one should. I designed this moc to look more like an eye-catching model than an action figure. Again, thank you for the criticism that you gave me, for it is very helpful.

@Heyzorks thanks!


what is it with everyone and their emo profile pictures

Nice revamp!


If by emo you mean monochrome and beautiful I agree with you :stuck_out_tongue:


-Single edge sword
-Lost arm
-Covered eye (kinda)


@NOTaHFfan I’m going to try to tackle all of your criticisms one by one, and the first thing I’m redoing is the swords arm. I’ve created a design that should allow it to move normally.
Here it is:

@The_Blue_Panda thanks a lot!
@LeslieShoemaker hahahahahahaha yes pirate Kopaka lives forever


Yes, a good improvement!
The only thing I’d suggest doing here is to invert the lower arm like this:

(Sorry for the poor photo edit, I hope it gets the poit across)

This way the arm shaping will be a lot more conventional and you’ll get much greater elbow articulation


Aight I’ve redesigned the legs

Also, if anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


I’ve got one! It’s hard to describe it in words. Will demonstrate it in 12-ish hours when I finally get to my lego parts

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Alright, sounds great.

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Looks like he has seen some real action and repaired himself with what ever he could find.

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The legs look nice

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hahahahahahaha very funny rukah

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The shoulder spikes remind me of that one piece of concept art showing a corrupted Kopaka, that wouldn’t happen to have served as some inspiration for this moc did it?

Can you post an image of the concept art? Also, no, I didn’t use it as inspiration, as I did not know it existed.

Here you are, though I fully admit I was more than likely misremembering the actual details of it soooooo, my bad.


He looks like he’d be a well-respected and feared admiral or somethin’

Well done

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