G2 Matoro!

I’m thinking about making this into a series of G1 characters in CCBS! leave a comment on who else you think I could do!

The Story: A long time ago, Izotor came down with a cold and lost his voice, leaving him only able to communicate through an ancient Okotoan sign language. Luckily, there was someone who could translate. Matoro stepped up, and helped Izotor guide the Ice Village through a time of need. As payment for his help, he was given a special mask to commemorate his service.

Matoro: Ready for action

Obligatory Backshot


He needs the White Akakau to give it that Matoro feel (or paint one Sand Blue)

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I gave him this one because it has blue. and I don’t paint parts.

I can’t.
I cna’t.
I cna’t so much I misspell can’t.

10/10 - I cna’t so much, I can’t give any other rating - TFM.


Cool! The mask really makes him look special

Make me a Jaller

(Also, nice Mustang avatar.)


alright. sounds pretty doable.


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I enjoy this MOC! It’s very nice. It’s simple, but creative, especially the mask. I hope you keep doing these MOCs, as I really enjoy them. It would be really cool to see a group shot of them all together. #G2Islanders :smiley:

sorry for the delayed response, but I feel I need to address this. I cannot display all of them together as they’re all built from the same parts pool consisting of the 2015 sets. Matoro’s already been taken apart

Pretty gud
tumbs up

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