G2 Orde

With Chiara and Zaria done, Orde’s next in order.

Like with Chiara and Zaria, I’ll have to wait until someone makes a G2 Mask of Psionics in order to fully complete this. His action gimmick manipulates just his right arm, and I kept the mace, but then made it double-ended, and gave the heads the ability to attach to his feet to act as a pair of roller skates.


For him, I wanted to give his color scheme a good twist. So now, rather than blue and gold, I gave him violet and silver as a nod to the psychic-type Pokemon Mewtwo. His armor also has a bit of a monk motif with his asymmetrical shoulder pads.


Cool moc. I like the color scheme; specifically how the purple goes with the silver.

is he using a barbel as a segway


That weird function seems exactly like something from G2.

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They’re early roller skates.