G2 Rewrite


Hello, and welcome to the Bionicle 2015 (or rather, Generation 2) Rewrite!
As of July 29 2016, the Lego Group declared the conclusion of Bionicle Generation 2. No, this is not an open letter of curses and crying that it was cancelled. The goal of this project is not to “stick it to the Man”, but just to remember Bionicle for what it was, and what it could have been.
My goal is to rewrite the story line of Bionicle 2015 into a new, fresh story packed with what made the original so special. The main highlights are the return of named Kanohi (and powers), a bigger focus on the secondary characters, and differentiating the Toa from one another.
I am writing a PDF “Saga Guide”, giving a plot outline with short stories mixed in to pick up the pace. I am looking for anybody else who would be interested in collaborating, and turning this into a community-wide project, complete with a serialized story, combination models, and worldbuilding to make Okoto a more diverse and interesting place.
If anybody wants to help out, I can provide the Saga Guide in this topic (at least what we have so far).

Primary Changes

  • Changing the vague motives of minor villains, such as the Lord of Skull Spiders, who has been largely revamped to fit a more “King of the Hive” feel.
  • The origins of the Toa, and adding on a larger, Mata Nui-esqe tribal mythology, which is a PDF in itself.
  • The Makuta in general. He is known as the Dark One, the Lost Brother, etc., but is still known as Makuta primarily. Everything will be developed in-story, as I plan to serialize the plot.
  • The Okotan Culture will be developed from the vague ideas we got from Journey to One, and the Online Animations.
  • The mystery of why the Skull Legion looks nothing like anything from Okoto.
  • Named areas of Okoto, with some places based on the mythology of the Elemental Creatures, and some being call backs to G1 (Melum-Wahi doesn’t sound so good.)
  • Developed map of Okoto, with new locations like Ta-Wahi’s Taoi Volcano, Ga-Wahi’s Akida Bay, and Le-Wahi’s Lewa Jungle.

More will be added as we progress. Keep in mind that we are in an early development stage, and only the first year (2015) is being created as I type this on November 20, 2016, using my ancient copy of Microsoft Word 97. I look forward to working on this project, as I’ve been contemplating it for a while. This file is not the final copy, more of a prototype to get more people on board. I am not a professional writer, just a high school football player with a 98 in English AP and a pretty interesting idea.
-The Hordika AKA Hordika Venom

EDIT- This post was hastily created, and makes it sound pretty bad, I realize that. I’ll probably remove it or edit it tonight to make it a little more impressive.


These all sound like really good ideas! I can’t wait to see what you do with them!

Thanks for showing interest!

This post was put together sloppily and copy pasted like heck, so please keep in mind it’s a lot better :slight_smile:
I’ll probably be removing this tonight and maybe set up a Tumblr page for it (shudder so many SJWs…), but PM me here or on BZPower @ The Hordika and I’ll get right back to you with the real thing!

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Seems interesting enough, ill keep an eye on this

Okay folks, the Saga Guide for 2015 has been converted to Google Docs for easier distribution (Though I have no idea how Docs works tbh). If you are interested in contributing, or just giving it a read, let me know!

Also: the Saga Guide will be PERIODICALLY UPDATED. The story will be serialized outside of the Doc, and that file only serves as a development place. I know this post here was rushed, as I did it quickly, but the Saga Guide will make up for it, I promise you.