G2 sets question - how good(or bad) is the waist gear thingy?

Hello. As of late im thinking about getting Umarak the Hunter. However, nowdays the G2 sets are quite pricey.

What are your opinions on the set? I’ve heard its one of the better G2 sets, however im not sure.

My biggest Issue if with the waist gear thingy. How good is it? Is it flimsy?


I really like the waist articulation. Posing him is more dynamic and for play it’s fun. But keep in mind that the waist gear function can squeak if it’s a bit dusty or played with too much.
All in all I really recommend the set, it’s great!


I have the set (my mom bought it for me when it came out), and I definitely recommend it if you can find it for around or below $30 USD. The waist gear is, as Rons_oc said, a good addition, and with a pretty low level of maintenance the squeak can be eliminated (dust it every once in a while, don’t abuse it).

The connection itself is really sturdy because it’s one of those one-time connections, where you snap it together the first time and then don’t take it out.


the waist gimmick honestly works pretty well, the copies i own dont tend to squeak that much…
also ye i would get umarak, he is probably my favourite G2 set!


I can say for all the toa I had (never got umarak) the gear was honestly a little too tight to be used as a play feature, meant good posing tho