G2 Toa of Magnetism and Protector of Magnetism

Over this weekend I spent time MoCcing with no purpose whatsoever and this is the end result. A Toa of Magnetism that looks a lot like Onua and a really cool protector of magnetism.

And the Protector:


Looks sweet, the neck on the toa is a mess, though. Kinda hard to see the protector.

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A Toa of Magnetism with a Gold Pakari; clearly the greatest MOC ever. stuck_out_tongue

All jokes aside, though, I think he looks a little too beefy and cluttered in the torso; especially with the tiny Mask of Earth. I would suggest replacing the 2.0 torso armor with a different shell piece, as they tend to look gappy when used as upper arm armor.

The design of the legs are quite interesting. However, I think it would look a little bit better without the purple on it; although I understand lack of parts can be limiting with that stuff.

I like the hands, they slightly remind me of Azrael's Batsuit from the Knightfall series.

Not the best picture to represent his claws, but I couldn't find anything better at the moment.

Overall, it's a pretty cool MOC. Like I mentioned before, the torso is a bit beefy compared to everything else and is quite cluttered. But otherwise it's good. I like the Protector as well. He has a nice slim look and a pretty good color scheme, although I would suggest adding some armor on the upper legs.

Pretty nice MOC! thumbsup

The Toa Of Magnetism looks great!
But it's arms are positioned weird.

The Protector Of Magnetism I can't review.
Can you show me more pics of PoM?

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Holy crap this is the widest chest i've ever seen.

I guess they're okay otherwise

Looks a little too much like Onua.
Still has potential.

Here you guys go with more pictures for PoM

I like it but I can't help but see it as a supersized Onua. The protector is also a bit large.

The Toa of Magnetism is pretty good, but the arms seem a bit too far from the rest of the MOC.

The Protector is pretty good as well.