G2 Tohunga Makuta

Got my BrickLink order that had the last pieces needed to make this
little guy. And yes I commited some “heresy” as it’s referred to, by
painting the Hau and am armor addon (and yes I know the Star Wars Rouge
One droid had that piece in black, but most likely it would be 3x more
expensive than the silver or the other two colors)

And just a little something for the road


That looks good, and your alright, LEGO actually say it’s okay to paint their parts.

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Dude, you just had to wait a little while then you wouldn’t have to paint the armor add-on.

Really cool anyways


Looks good!

Need I point out what I had in () about that?

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Nice! I like the addition of the spiked armor addon.

Oh :sweat_smile: I didn’t see that
I’m a fool

I would go without the weapon, and that paint on the mask looks great.

Been there, done that. Good execution tho.

This looks pretty good but I think you could have made it smaller

True, but it’s at least the same size as a Protector which fits the bill as the original was also the same size as a Tohunga/Matoran when seen.