G2 Turaga Masks

Six masks I wish we got in the reboot. Oh well. I originally drew the G2 Rau on a whim, but since then I wanted to make the full series. Each mask is based off three masks each: the original mask from 2001, the great variant from 2004 and their respective toa from 2015. Each mask also has ruins based off the Mask of Creation and Mask of Control and simplified versions of the Nuva symbols to add to the unifying identity of the masks.

What are your guys thoughts? If I knew how to effectively 3D model, maybe these could have been actual masks? Not sure. Right now, I’m gonna work on profile views of these masks.

EDIT: New Pics of profile views, and a comparison to a g2 mask using a drawing of Matoro and Nuju.


nuju’s mask looks weird

Nice work there

Great Matatu eyes on the noble matatu’s shape did that to me too. That mask was the second hardest to design after the Mahiki.