G3 Kikinaldo pitch/rahi design

(I know Kikanaldo is misspelled, but I had to change it due to an “inappropriate word.”)

Figured it was about time I contributed to G3 in some way. I was thinking that Kikanaldos could play a similar role to horses in Mangai. They could be used as cavalry by Mangaians. Also, aside from gladiator battles in the arena, the Mangaians would have a similar sport to jousting, another aspect of medieval times in Mangaian culture, aside from castle-like architecture. We probably wouldn’t see any in the wild, at least not in Mangai, since Mangaians would have domesticated all of them for battle.

Here is a makeshift matoran riding a Kikanaldo:

What do you think? CC would be much appreciated!


This Thing Is pretty cool

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Remarkably compact.


Certainly more compact than my concept that I stuck on Oomatu’s thread, and that’s a rather inspired build.

Kikanalo are actually mentioned in the story bible as being in Motara if I remember correctly.

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@Sanokal yep, I missed that in the Motora section. Rahi could probably live in and adapt to different regions of the island, though. For example, Mangai kikanaldo could have a higher resistance to heat and have some other abilites the kikanaldo in Motora, which could have widened feet that, like camels for instance, allow them to walk/run on sand more easily. I maybe even have some color variation between the two? Such as the brown variant like I saw in your post, could inhabit Motora and silver in Mangai?

Very accurate to the original. And it looks like something that could be used for G3. Nice job.

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Hey, That’s pretty good.


Oooohh that’s cool. I especially like that it’s done irl. Makes it easier to see what it looks like to me

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but is it the brickonicle way to start your day, with kikanalo crunch

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@Peelacar Yes, why yes indeed it is.

This is pretty cool, I think this would definitely work in a set.

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Please pardon my ignorance, but, what’s bad about the word Kikanalo, might I ask?

I’d be interested to know that too…

@theBolderBoulder @Sanokal It didn’t let me type it bucause in the middle there is a word refering to the rear end.

I especially like the usage of a drill hand cover on the nose. I think that the greebles/mechanical bits are too focused on the extremities and should be added to the chest area as well. Other than that, I think that this is a great small MOC.

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well my theory is that Skirmix are a predatory desert variant of Kikanalo