G3 Lore Summary?

I would like to help somehow on G3 (in fact, I’m busy working on something as we speak), but don’t have the time in my life to catch up (or watch in the first place) the 5+ hour-long podcasts on the matter. Could someone please summarize what has been decided for the project in terms of general world lore, such as how religion and magic work, social structures, general stuff about the island geography and history, who the big baddies are, and what the current situation of the island is?

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I haven’t listened to all the podcasts, but I don’t think too much overall story has been decided upon. A lot of details are still being hashed out.


Given this I think it may be better if you use these ideas for your own G3. Especially since overall you don’t really have much of a say when it comes to TTV’s G3.

Oh, oops, I thought that the community was giving suggestions and input to a single G3. So you’re saying that there is no “official” G3 content for the boards?

The main villain is Makuta who is one of three Gods. He was killed by the elemental Gods (who are all one step below Makuta and his two brothers), but will be revived by the rahkshi. The island of Artahka will be frozen in time by Makuta as well. I believe the cast still wants to add rahi as villains but I’m not completely sure. If I’m wrong on anything please correct me.

Well as you said the message boards are for suggestions but at the end it’s the casts decision. We don’t have any final say[quote=“Drahcir_Nosnevets, post:3, topic:36183”]
Oh, oops, I thought that the community was giving suggestions and input to a single G3. So you’re saying that there is no “official” G3 content for the boards?

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All official decisions for the G3 project are ultimately made by the cast, but you should still give your opinion. Even if your idea doesn’t stick, you should still put it out there!

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Well I am trying to get the time to note down all the ideas they got…

There are a great many that did not make the cut… but one thing we can agree on is

Short legs… THat discussion took way too long.

taken from the primary channel.

Okay, i guess a better question would have been like this:
Could someone please give a summary of what the G3 discussion in the podcasts has been like?

Well… I would advice you to take all I say with a grain of salt…

I have been watching them all and this is what i gather

Main bad is makuta.
Gods are in 2 levels,
Makuta and Ekimu (upper level)
Elemental gods(lower level, but strong enough to pull a Zeus, and kill his father)

Mata nui/ ekimu is dead
Makuta is dead too, but rakshi want to recurect him.
Rakshi does not have a set place in the plot so far

Makuta is gonna be reborn a Matoran for a single line??

Toa are chosen by the elemental gods to protect the matoran
Toa ae made from matorans.
Every matoran has small amounts of power. toa like but never TOA level.
Toa are OC level of OP most of the time,

Makuta does not like sentience/ individuallity and seeks to destroy it.

The mask of time is… important. to recurect makuta?

As of this date no plot is 100% clear.

oh and don’t think too much about their legs…