G3 Makuta concept art(design pitch?)

After seeing @Oomatu 's recent Makuta pitch it made me think, what do I want to see in g3 Makuta?
Well, I figure it’s something along these lines.

I certainly proved myself right about the colors, beautifully royal yet dark. The red of g1(more specifically, movie teridax) and the purple of g2 work so well together.
The mask takes elements from a few designs, the cheeks from the krahkaan, shifted to mirror Oomatu’s concept, the head crest of the moup expanded to resemble galvatron, the cunning eyebrows of the mask of control, and so on.


I like the mask, but I’m not digging the colors. Imo purple and red don’t really go great together, especially for a villain.


Really nice colours. Honestly rivals the one they’ve been using so far in their canon.

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Actually, Magneto’s red and purple.
@Payinku Great Design! I can see it working.


I meant a bionicle villain, but fair point.

I mean, it worked for Zarkon in the netflix Voltron,

however, here the colours are a bit too bright, and I personally never was a big fan of red and purple together. That said, this is still a pretty good concept.


You know, looking at it, the colors are actually more vibrant than the actual plastics,

I color corrected the art, I think I may still be slightly off, but this is closer.


Let’s try this again. I don’t see these colors working well for Makuta.

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Purple was used in a Makuta in 2015 and red doesn’t really work well, but Gunmetal and takanuva gold will work

his eye color will be trans yellow

These are literally colors from the previous versions of Makuta, the red and gunmetal of g1 and the purple of g2, how do they not work for Makuta?

Yeah sure each of these colors have been used in previous interations of Makuta, but together these colors don’t really scream Makuta to me. It’s also a little odd of a color scheme imo. Even if it did work for magneto or Zarkon.

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but grey and blue does?
I took the previous designs and melded parts of them into something new, like the toa, different but the same.

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I can definitely see your reasoning as to why you chose the colors, it just doesn’t look very… threatening I guess. I do think that grey and blue work, but I think Makuta is having the same problem many other G3 ideas are. Everyone wants it to be the same as g1. I’m trying to be open to changes, and I hope others are too. Please don’t misunderstand my complaint though, as this is pretty good, I’m just not a huge fan of these two colors together.

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I’ve said this before, that’s not it, people want it to be good, people want it to feel bionicle, it’s not that they want a retread of G1, it’s that they want it to still be bionicle, they don’t want things to be drastically different to the point of being unrecognizable,
I’m more than happy for things to be different, and a lot of the changes so far I’ve liked, but things need to still be recognizable, it’d be like the toa being completely different colors and having completely different masks,
I think the ‘same but different’ visual design of the toa should carry onto makuta as well.

I will suggest that perhaps the red and gunmetal could be swapped, maybe that would look more appealing to you?

You can still have it feel like bionicle while having several creative ideas. [quote=“Payinku, post:14, topic:36660”]
I will suggest that perhaps the red and gunmetal could be swapped, maybe that would look more appealing to you?
I’d have to see it. Red could work well as an accent I suppose.
Also I’m sorry if I over-criticized this a little, it did come out nicely, I just don’t like the colors.

as would I, alas I don’t have a photo editor that would allow me to do that, if someone else wanted to do it I’d like to see it myself.

nah, it’s fine, you don’t like the colors, you weren’t unfair in your criticism.

I think at least we can both agree that the reason people are so critical of G3 at all is their love for the franchise, kinda makes me wish ttv made a spiritual successor instead.

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Personally, I don’t really think it works to the same extent as the other design, and here’s why. You made this one because you thought the color scheme didn’t work for Makuta and the design made him look less threatening. But that’s WHY it works so well, because it makes you think he’s less of a threat to you, causing you to let your guard down, as well as making the danger much harder to spot. Makuta is known to deceive and manipulate people to do his bidding and get what he wants, and I feel that his new design gives off that similar kind of vibe. This one just screams “HEY, I’M EVIL!”

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You’re saying the main villain of the(hypothetical) children’s toyline should be a feeble bland unimposing figure?
G3 Makuta is supposed to be a god that puppeteers from the shadows, or something to that effect, I’d like him to actually look the part.
I’d be ok with him turaga dume-ing it and revealing his true form when his hand is forced by the toa, but he needs to look the part of the god-king when that happens.

it seems that you misunderstood. i said that Makuta’s less threatening design fit in with his deceitful and manipulative character, which is true. i never said he should look bland or unimposing, and he certainly doesn’t look feeble.

this is actually a really good idea. however, i think that his “true form” should be an Ultra-Build set, and that his true form should look something like that of an actual God/Demon. think like what he looked like at the end of G2, but less of a rush job, and cranked up to the Nth degree.

Is the gunmetal around the neck part of the mask or is it a collar?

I think the light purple could be a bit darker, and adding in some more gunmetal would help dilute the colors while keeping them.