G3 masks

I want suggestion making a “G3” as official lego toy set and hyper light drifter styled RPG video game. those masks are meant to be powerful when leveled higher. I was planning on making powerful WAVE 2 masks (toa Mertu) vakama nokama matau. but those masks cant be all powerful.
in wikia states that power only last long if great or nuva.
those nuva symbols (NUVA SCAN) there for unlocking a new mask to the game. while darkmasks are for the BOTM. nidiki, kreeka, umbarak, ect.
if you have any good ideas or inspiration for a G3 styled mask let me know.

each element is different color along with traditional neon trans color that corresponds elemental energy, my suggest:

red / red-orange = fire
blue / neon-turquoise = water
green / bright-green = wind
brown / neon-yellow = dust
black / florescent violet = earth
white / florescent blue = ice
orange / red-orange = metal
yellow / bright-green = electric
lime / hot-magenta = plantlife
gray / neon-turquoise = sounds
cyan / florescent-violet = psyche
magenta / yellow-green = gravity
gold / white = ???


They all look pretty neat, though the first water mask looks adorably plain

that’s because basic noble masks starts with small and in detailed. besides water masks at always blue and what makes it up plain is the visor is fully trans neon color.

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These are some nice designs. I always love seeing different versions of the Nuva’s masks.

i wish there was good way to make better metro masks.

this is a level 1 mask of invisibility. AKA M.camo(F) [lvl1]
isn’t invisibility an powerful defense when level 3… ? :frowning:

Pretty cool. I like the designs of Lewa and Pohatus masks.

I think the nuva scanners NS are meant for a game. to unlock it for a game, use webcam or any cam to scan the NS located behind the mask.
I think the masks are like the same masks but in a different way as offence or defense or specialty

M.barrier (F) [lv2] O
M.barrier (F) [lv2] D
M.barrier (F) [lv2] S

If you’re going to make the masks look better when they upgrade at least make sure the base ones still look good, for example the level 1 miru really could use a beam to separate the eyes like the original.
And I’m not a fan of any of the Kauau’s
Also all of the Pakari lack a mouth hole dent looking thing, they’d fit with the rest a bit better if they did.

I have suggestions to this that would make more sense with what color the elements are in cannon and also what the elements are actually called.
I’d rearrange it to.
Red / trans neon orange = fire
Blue / trans dark blue = water
Green / trans bright green = air
Brown / trans neon green = stone
Black / trans dark green = earth
White / trans light blue = ice
Bronze / trans yellow = iron
Yellow / trans light blue = lighting
Lime / trans dark blue = plantlike
Gray / trans black = sonics
Gold / trans dark pink = psionic
Black / trans purple = gravity

I left out magnetics cause its kinda pointless.
I kinda wanna know why you changed what you changed too.

what a correct concept. I kind of though of it because some trans glow under black light. (florescent)
because DUDE! florescent CAN glow under UV lights.

I want to experiment of those to mix colors with a dab drop of color.
like paint
neon green + florescent blue (2006) = turquoise.
hot magenta tahu (2001) + florescent blue (2006) = violet.

so I thought they can glow.

also i though cyan and hot-violet makes a perfect psyche because of fairy-dream-soul like thing.

or ??

I just pulled colors from what the wiki says the elemental colors are and just making some of them trans.

Those are the colors labeled trans neon.

Um what? what color is florescent blue 2006? and does hot magenta tahu refer to his eye color? that color is called trans dark pink on bricklink.

I think your right about that neon thing.

florescent blue 2006 as in the one matoro inika has those for 2nd primary.

dark pink… really? bricklink say that?

Ah thats called trans medium blue.

Can I assume from your grammar that english isn’t your first language?
The word for that is secondary.

that’s what I used to call it! I’m keeping those 2 colors for making neon violet because they both glow under black light I tell yah, they glow.

and you judge me of my grammar? what do you think I am to you, Russian?

Well no I only asked cause there’s quite a few spelling errors and wrong word tenses.
I mean no insult with it either.

mouth hole dent looking thing?

can you show me those?

What??? Light!!!

Oh the sheer, pure, undeniable irony in this sentence.

Pretty alright sprites. A few of them are just too underdone, and I’m not a huge fan of the Nuva designs to begin with, but I like the middle row since it creates this bridge between the two years.

Still way better than I could come up with :stuck_out_tongue:


Ek why’d you point that out, now I won’t be able to live with myself.

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Hey man, I am an evil overlord. I gotta play the part now and then. :stuck_out_tongue:

also I’m a cruel evil person about grammar IRL so…