G3 Matoran Concepts (Long Legs)

With TTV’s ongoing leg debate on TTV being somewhat shelved, I decided it was a good time to create a proof of concept for my point of view, which is that the Matoran should have long legs as apposed to short. Now I’m not going to go in to all my reasons why I think this should be, I think it’s best I just show you how it could work.

I had @KlendaV do just about all the drawing for these (most of the heavy lifting), with me giving direction, polishing them up, and doing most the coloration. We’ve also taken some inspiration from a concept I saw @Oomatu do, so some credit to him.

G3 Matoran Comparison

As you can see, the Matoran wears armor that is much simpler in design than the Toa, he also sports a less complex color scheme. In addition, all the ruins or fancy decorations on the armor have been removed, replaced with a design which looks more hand painted on the Matoran’s chest-plate.
From my point of view, it is very easy to tell which one is the main character character and which one is of lesser importance.

Female Variant

The female template for Matoran hold many similarities, but is still clearly distinct

Matoran of Air

As you can see, each individual Matoran has it’s own “hand painted” chest design. The idea is that this would represent something about that Matoran’s personality and/or status.

Matoran of Earth

With all the different possible color combinations there will be a near infinate amount Matoran to make for collectability. These parts will also be able to be easily mixed and matched for minifigure MOCing.

Matoran of Ice

(only the male design here, female design will come later)

Matoran of Stone

Matoran of Water

I’ve got a few more designs I want to upload, but this is the gist of my idea. Again thanks to @KlendaV for doing most the work. Obviously this idea could be polished., but hopefully this gives some people and idea how long legged Matoran can not only work, but be a pretty cool collectible.


This is exactly what I’ve been thinking, you two have jsut done a nice job of showing it.


Personally wish the arm printing was removed (it’s only so rarely used on original IPs and could help show more difference I guess) but these work pretty nicely; good job, man!


We tried that, but it ends up not getting the mechanical look across as well. Same with the toe printing. However, these types of printing are starting to become more and more common with original IPs, so in the future I don’t think it’ll be as far fetched.

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Thank you for this illustration of why the legs should be the same length both between Matoran and Toa, just all depends on the printings and color choices.

Hm, looks good!

RIP Chronicler’s Company


I just realized now my problem with the Matoran and Toa being the same height, there’s nothing distinct that make the Toa seem more heroic than the Matoran. They just look like Matoran with slightly better printing.


There’s quite a bit here. The matoran have way less armor coverage, a simpler color palette, more grey, larger armor pieces as apposed to the Toa’s very intricate plated armor, no nuva symbol.

Even if it was the printing, the same argument could be used for super heroes. That they look just like people but with fancier costumes. Matoran and Toa are the same race here, they’re not different species. Obviously they’re going to look somewhat alike, but I think the distinction is clear enough.


Oh my gosh… yes! These are perfect.

Shorter legs are the future :stuck_out_tongue:

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We must find Unity, it is our Duty to the Longer legs, which is G3s Destiny.

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After listening to the last TTV Podcast I’ve created comparisons for all the Toa, which should have been there to begin with but I had to leave out for lack of time when originally posting this topic.

Also, we’re currently working on another variation to correspond with some of the comments the cast made on the last podcast, which will be coming soon.


Why not use Regular brown for Stone Matoran, and Dark Red for Fire Matoran.

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Because we’re working of the colors TTV has chosen to use. We don’t want to make the theme look overly busy by adding every shade of every color to every element.

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You kinda already did, appart from the stone characters with regular brown.

No, all these matoran use colors picked directly from the Toa. No new colors have been added.

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I like it. I prefer the idea of most of villagers being the same height as the average Toa. I don’t know why, but it just helps to keep the Toa from being elevated to godly status.