[G3 Proposition:] Helryx >Tuyet as the Arbiter Leader

There’s been some debate in the past as to who would be a better fit in the role of Arbiter Leader in Brickonicle: Helryx or Tuyet?
Whether the argument has concluded or not (And I’m unsure as to if it has), I thought I’d throw my two cents into the ring, and argue why Helryx’s G1 character would be a better fit for the role than Tuyet’s G1 character, regardless of how the Arbiter challenges Gali.

What is the core of each character?

Helryx is a leader. She has a mission, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to complete it.

Tuyet desires order above all else, including mercy. She is willing to go to any length to achieve order.

Many have cited the nature of the Arbiter leader as to whether Tuyet or Helryx better apply, but I do not find this to be the case. Tuyet, in the Toa Empire universe, ruled through fear and brainwashing. Putting Tuyet at the helm of the Arbiters, and thus Naho, would have seriously dangerous consequences. Now, one might argue that such a character would be an effective counter to Gali in following story-years, and this is true. However, as society under such a character as Tuyet would not have played out as it did in Naho. Tuyet would have been keen to expand her territory to the lands above, bringing a terrible order wherever she conquered. The Arbiters would not have been a secret police, they would have been a wrecking ball. Tuyet has no sense of subtlety.
Helryx is a different case. In the prime universe, she commanded the Order of Mata Nui not because of her vast power, but because of her leadership skills, ability to make tough decisions, and dedication to her cause. The Order of Mata Nui operated like a secret police, with a tough and selective employment process, ensuring only the most capable warriors joined its ranks. All the same, Helryx remained on top, for 100,000 years. This speaks volumes toward the respect helryx must have garnered in order to give orders to those such as Tobduk and Brutaka.
Because Helryx fought the Brotherhood in G1, she is viewed as heroic. So how could she become an antagonist?
In the Toa Empire alternate universe, The Order of Mata Nui was not eliminated by the Toa Empire. (Greg has stated this). They remained secretive because, despite the subjugation of the Matoran and other species, Mata Nui was accomplishing his goal. Helryx concluded that, as long as this was the case, she could tolerate Tuyet’s leadership. So how could she be an antagonist? Easy. Give her a mission that in any way conflicts with the Toa, and she will fight to the bitter end to accomplish it, no matter what stands in her way; no matter who must suffer to achieve it.
Thus, regardless of the nature of this Arbiter Leader, Helryx makes a better fit for the role than Tuyet does.(Based on staying true to their G1 characters)


In the recently released story bible, it says that Helryx chose Kivoda to be an arbiter, so I think that means Helryx is the leader.

Yeah, I saw that earlier today. Might be a placeholder, though, since Jon was the main proponent of using Helryx and he’s the one who wrote it.